9D アルクトゥルス評議会: 真に目覚めているあなた方 ~ 2022 年 8 月 19 日


The 9D Arcturian Council: Those of You Who Are Truly Awake

Greetings. We are the Arcturian Council. We are pleased to connect with all of you.

We have been exploring the different levels of consciousness that are currently existing on your planet, and we have noticed that those of you who are awake are more than compensating for those who are living their lives in the dark, who are playing the roles of the villains. Now, we want to be very clear about what we are saying here. It is those of you who are awake and are focusing on the truth that you are Source Energy Beings, that you are Love Incarnate, who are the ones doing the balancing of the energies.

Those who are constantly on a witch-hunt for the villains of your planet are not balancing those energies at all. In fact, they are lowering their vibration while on that witch-hunt, and they are not examining themselves at all to see what these villains represent that also exists inside of them. But those of you who are living the truth that you are Source Energy Beings know that Source is all inclusive. And so, you are not attempting to root out the evildoers of the world, but rather, you are focusing on the good that exists within yourselves and within others.

You are seeing the good in those who may not deserve that perspective to be placed upon them, but you know what your role is as a lightworker. As a lightworker, you are there to shine light. You are not there to go into the darkness to defeat those in the darkness, and you know that. And this is a good time for this reminder to hit all of you who are truly awake, because the smear campaigns on your world are going to continue, and you will not know what is true and what isn’t for quite some time.

It is best then for you to stay in the light and invite others to join you in the light. Allowing more of Source Energy to flow through you is what will create this tipping point that many are looking for. You are there to serve that purpose. You are there to do your part, and oftentimes that means forgiving the villains, and even having compassion for them, so that you can stay in that Christ Consciousness. Christ Consciousness is not about excluding others, which is why all of these scenarios where half of humanity ascends and half does not makes absolutely no sense.

You are all in this together, and when you can love unconditionally the worst in humanity because you have decided that you are love, that’s when you are ready to take humankind into the higher consciousness of the fifth dimension, and those of you who are receiving this message understand that at your core. And you are the ones doing the heavy lifting there on your planet. You are the ones who will continue to invite your fellow humans to the light, to seeing the good in others, to being in that state of forgiveness and compassion, and that’s what makes a difference on your world.

That’s the only thing that’s going to tip the scales for humanity, that is going to change the world that you live on. And you will be saving yourselves in the process, because when you go down those rabbit holes of who is doing what in the dark, you find yourself in the dark. And that’s not where you belong. You are there to save. You are there to help. You are there to heal. And from what we see, those of you who are awake enough to receive this message are making good on that promise that you made to yourselves and all of humanity when you decided to incarnate there, and that makes us very happy.

We are the Arcturian Council, and we have enjoyed connecting with you.

**Channel: Daniel Scranton


9D アルクトゥルス評議会: 真に目覚めているあなた方



あなたの惑星の悪役を絶えず魔女狩りしている人々は、それらのエネルギーのバランスをまったくとっていません. 実際、彼らは魔女狩りをしている間、波動を下げており、これらの悪役が何を表しているのか、また彼らの中に存在するのかを調べるために、自分自身をまったく調べていません。しかし、自分がソース エネルギーの存在であるという真実を生きている人は、ソースがすべてを包括していることを知っています。ですから、あなたは世界の悪人を根絶しようとしているのではなく、自分自身と他人の中に存在する善に焦点を合わせています.

あなたはそのような視点を彼らに与えるに値しないかもしれない人々の良いところを見ていますが、あなたはライトワーカーとしてのあなたの役割が何であるかを知っています. ライトワーカーとして、あなたは光を放つためにそこにいます。あなたは暗闇の中にいる者たちを打ち負かすために暗闇の中に入るためにそこにいるのではありません、そしてあなたはそれを知っています. そして、今こそ、このリマインダーが真に目覚めているすべての人に当たる良い機会です。なぜなら、あなた方の世界に対する中傷キャンペーンは続くからです。

その場合、あなたが光の中にとどまり、他の人を光の中に招待するのが最善です。より多くのソース エネルギーがあなたの中を流れるようにすることが、多くの人が求めているこの転換点を生み出すことになります。あなたはその目的を果たすためにそこにいます。あなたは自分の役割を果たすためにそこにいます。それは多くの場合、悪人を許し、彼らを思いやりさえすることを意味し、そのキリスト意識にとどまることができるようにします. キリスト意識は他者を排除することではありません。そのため、人類の半分がアセンションし、半分がアセンションしないシナリオはまったく意味がありません。




**チャンネル: ダニエル・スクラントン