IMPORTANT announcement 🙂⬇️

❇In the days to come, you might see some frenzied posts regarding the RV
❇For those who do not know, this is regarding foreign currency revaluation, which are taking place globally.
❇I will not take time to explain or describe this in greater detail simply bc this is the ’11th hour’ & those who know, know & those who don’t – that’s perfectly alright 🙂🙏. At this late hour, it’s not necessary that you understand the details since you’re not vested or involved🙂🙏
❇Some members here are speculators in this opportunity in effort to bless others in the world thru humanitarian efforts
❇ That being said, urgent announcements will be made in the days to come that are specific to these individuals, particularly
❇Please understand that these individuals will be signing a non disclosure agreement (NDA) and will not be able to discuss any details pertaining to this opportunity or investment / rates / appointment or outcome. 🤐
❇I’m letting you all know now, so that you will know that we must collectively protect these humanitarians and not say or do anything that will cause them to violate their NDA’s. That includes asking questions with earnest expectation of getting them answered.
❇Your admins are not the kind of people who would be rude or inattentive & ignore your questions. But respectfully, I must submit to you that many people are counting on the collective humanitarians in this group – and these folks cannot do anything to slip up & violate their NDA.
❇With that being said, any questions asked (by those who are curious or wondering what’s going on, must be ignored) – and we ask your patience & understanding as to the reason why. No one is intentionally going to ignore questions; but they must remain quiet on the subject of the RV until their NDA commitment is over.
❇THOSE OF YOU INVOLVED – your Admin team will be watchful and the Safe Link website will be shared here, multiple times, so that no one misses out on the notification to set up your exchange or redemption appointment
❇FOR THOSE OF YOU NOT INVOLVED – when that happens, do not ask “What is this all about?”. As it will be too late to grasp the concept this late in the game, anyways. 🙏
❇We will recycle this message on repeat to ensure the members have ample opportunities to see this
❇We must do this, 1st, to protect the humanitarian members from saying anything to violate their NDAs
❇We must do this 2nd to quell any curiosity or probing from members who are not aware or involved & just curious to know more
❇After we observe that members are notified to make their appointments, the admins will be asked to ⚠️delete ANY POSTS made in regards to RV or foreign currency, altogether. ⚠️ ONLY these topics will be prohibited 🚫
❇Other conversation regarding NESARA / GESARA will be acceptable & those comms will not be deleted
❇Please hear my heart – we don’t want anyone feeling left out or ignored – so we’re letting everyone know up front how things have to be, 1 – to protect the speculators in this group and 2 – to keep this group open and operational after these events occur.
❇Please kindly understand that other RV Intel-Specific-Groups are having to go Silent for the duration of the NDA (which could be 90 days or longer). So, unless we all want this group to go MUTE for months, we ALL must collectively understand the WHY’S and ramifications.
❇Please kindly understand, that if one generous soul gives details about their appointment or exchange rates (after signing a legally-binding NDA) then their account will be frozen and their $ clawed back and assimilated elsewhere. They may then labor for humanitarian good but they shall no longer have any part in funding it.
❇This is the reality and the gravity of responsibility that lies with each humanitarian (here) and each Admin, and myself – to protect the greater good. 🤐✳🤐✳🙏

Ginger’s LIBERTY Lounge


●今後数日のうちに、RV に関する熱狂的な投稿が見られるかもしれません

●これを詳しく説明したり説明したりする時間は取りません。これは単に「11 時間目」です。知っている人も、知っている人も、知らない人も、それはまったく問題ありません 🙂🙏。


●これらの個人は機密保持契約 (NDA) に署名しており、この機会、投資、料金、任命、結果に関する詳細について話し合うことはできないことをご理解ください。 🤐




●そのようなことが起こったとき「これは一体何ですか?」と尋ねないでください。とにかく、ゲームの後半になってからコンセプトを理解するのは遅すぎるでしょう。 🙏



●予約の通知が届いた後、⚠️RV または外貨に関する投稿を完全に削除するよう求められます。 ⚠️これらのトピックのみが禁止されます🚫

NDAの期間中 (可能性としては 90 日以上) 沈黙しなければならないことをご理解ください。



これが現実であり、より大きな善を守るために、各人道主義者(ここ)、そして私に課せられた責任の重大さです。 🤐✳️🤐✳️🙏







Zim 引き換え率が 1:1 に設定されていることを示す

Attached is a short voice clip stating the Zim Redemption rate is set at 1:1. I’m sharing this because I want to reinforce for you that my friend Sean received an email from a contact who works for the US Treasury and this email communication also confirmed that the rate for the Zim Bond would be 1:1. I read this in late summer 2021 when my friend sent me a copy of the email to read. It’s legit and what is said is true here.
Listen to his brief clip here ⬇️✅😁

Ginger’s LIBERTY Lounge

Zim 引き換え率が 1:1 に設定されていることを示す短い音声クリップを添付します。

私がこれを共有するのは、私の友人のショーンが米国財務省に勤務する連絡先から電子メールを受け取り、この電子メール通信によってジム・ボンドの金利が 1:1 であることが確認されたことを強調したいためです。

ここで彼の短いクリップを聞いてください ⬇️✅😁



the U.S treasury listed them at one to one there was the meeting that took place a couple of years ago now between the military the Chinese and the treasury and this happened during the Trump Administration and it was agreed that it would be one-to-one so uh because I’ve got the contract



米国財務省は彼らを1対1でリストアップした 数年前に軍と中国と財務省との間で会談が行われたが、これはトランプ政権中に行われ1対1で行うことが合意されたそれで、契約を結んだ


人道支援者は1 対 1 をはるかに超えた、より高いレートを要求することをお勧めします。これは今でも絶対にお勧めします。 RSS など、または巨大な人道プロジェクトにはこれが必要になります。

Nader 彼は信じがたいと感じている

good morning my friends couple of things this morning happening and I have this news from a couple of people so my friend from La called me gave me a couple of good news and I wanted to confirm so I called somebody else over here in the other way

leaving today uh come from it about the IMF the IMF saying they’re ready to turn the switch

the U.S treasury same way

so I heard about the ray they said listen this is what I this is what they told me I don’t know if it’s true or not I cannot confirm it because over here there’s no noises about it but they said it’s gonna be a four dollars four dollars or something yeah I believe at 3 45 I don’t believe at the more than 350 I don’t believe that strongly about I don’t know why and that’s it that’s all my news and we’ll see what’s going on thanks from my body from my life from California thanks from my body from uh

and that’s it

and we’ll see what’s going on guys I mean we’ll see this weekend they said by Sunday that would have some good for me Sunday is tomorrow for you guys still Friday night going to Saturday morning

so we’ll see tomorrow will happen and uh Let’s cross our finger and pray that’s it have a good day guys later from least

see you soon





今日は帰ります、えーっと、IMFについてです。IMFは、米国財務省にも同じように スイッチを入れる準備ができていると言っています。それで、彼らが言ったことを聞きました、聞いてください、これが私にこれが彼らが私に言ったことです、

本当かどうかはわかりません、それはこっちでは何も騒がれていないから確かめることはできないけど、彼らは4ドル4ドルか何かになるだろうって言ってた そう、3 45だと信じてる

350以上だと信じない 信じられない理由はわからない、それが私のニュースのすべてです、それで何が起こっているのか見てみましょう

私の体からの感謝、カリフォルニアからの私の人生から、私の体からの感謝、ええと、それで終わりです、そして何が起こっているのか見てみましょうみんな、今週末に会えるってことだ、日曜日までに、それは私にとって良いことがあるって言ってた 日曜日は君たちにとって明日はまだ金曜日の夜から土曜日の朝になるから、明日はそうなるだろう、そして、指を組んで祈りましょう良い一日を過ごしてください、後で少なくとも会いましょう


graham hodsdon 誰がそうしているのか

you have to bear with me I am better to talk for about a week keep an eye out because like I said before there is literally information everywhere now and when you know that the white hats are in control start looking at things with a different light so when you see things because there is two types of information coming out whose information has put out for the awake to remind them that everything is happening and as the information has been put out for the sleepers to slowly wake them up so when things happen look at it and think who does that benefit who does that information benefit does it benefiting the sleepers would it benefiting the ones that are awake and the reason I say that is because you’ll see things if you’re already awake thinking oh how is that happening but then if you look at it from the angle that it’s been put out to awaken people up then it makes more sense just something that’s been going through my head recently because when you do understand and I struggle to see that they fully had control but when you see that they have control you will look at things completely different it’s dead strange um but try it look at it think about what you’re seeing out there what’s the purpose of that information what’s the purpose of it being put out there because remember we’re watching them strategically take this entire corrupt system down without freaking anybody out and that’s asleep and slowly trying to move it across to where we’re going to the quantum Financial system because it is coming it’s already in the background and like I said there’s enough information out there as it is but understand that things can’t just switch over and they’re having to literally do it steadily so that people see it happening and accept the movement and accept the change so yeah there’s loads of stuff happening at the minute it’s we’ve gone from literally like information a little bit every month is daily now it’s everywhere so you’ve got the hunter Biden indictment information coming out you’ve got the Border crisis which have 42 at the us at the minute you’ve got um all these Congress meetings going on where they’re pulling apart the Twitter files and pulling apart all the Biden corruption there’s a doj with a FBI whistleblower that’s got evidence to show that onto that Biden himself is linked to the CCP the Chinese Communist Party taking funds from them and also ties with him and his son with deals over in China when he was a VP um there’s literary stuff happening all over the place and remember a lot of the stuff some of the stuff that’s coming out has already happened it’s just literally now being slowly put through the mainstream media because a lot of these people have had to be dealt with already then you’ve actually got the information got to come down to the population so uh yeah keep an eye on it just remember who does this information serve each time and then across the pond you’ve got the brics Nations how it’s all coming together you’ve got the you’ve got information coming out the countries are requesting to join brics Nations but these countries have already joined this is just information you’re being slowly sort of told like you haven’t been told that the UK have joined but they’ve already joined in the background um you’re hearing about all these countries slowly joining but all these countries requested to join some of these were like six months ago I’ll have to dig out um Facebook posts I did when all that information came out um they came out months and months before but then you slowly being told now that they are only just requesting so you’ve literally got all these countries requesting to join the brics Nations why because they are already trading between themselves with asset-backed currency they’re refusing to use fiat currency anymore they are refusing to trade with the US dollar which is backed by nothing um so more and more countries are requesting to join because it gives them the stability for their own country and also removes that U.S control because remember with the US dollar dominance it was dictated to countries what they could and couldn’t do because if they didn’t do as they were told then sanctions were put against them but if they are training with their own currency the US can’t sanction them on anything to do with the USD because they’re not using it they’re not accepting it so more and more countries are coming forward then you’ve also got Zimbabwe that printed their gold coins last year to try and re-establish their dollar and literally their Zim dollar but literally this week they’ve now um switched on and started trading with their asset-backed currency um so it’s it’s moving faster and faster but it’s happening in all avenues now so just keep your eyes open and watch little bits because the pieces are falling together and half a time like I said the pieces have already fallen but you’re being showed them placed now hope that helps you


Loads happening daily now. Steos everyday to wake more people up while dismantling tye remaining corruption. #newlife #awake #awakening #sovereignty #BRICS #qfs #assets

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それは来ているからです、それはすでにバックグラウンドにあり、私が言ったように、現状でも十分な情報がありますが、物事は簡単に切り替えることはできず、人々がそれが起こっているのを見て、その動きを受け入れ、変化を受け入れることができるように、文字通り着実にそれを行う必要があることを 理解してください









英国が参加したとは知らされていないような、ただの情報ですが、イギリスはすでにバックグラウンドで参加しています えー、これらすべての国がゆっくりと参加していると聞いていますが、これらすべての国が参加を要求しています6 か月ほど前のことです。

すべての情報が出てきたときに私が行った Facebook の投稿を掘り出さなければなりません。えー、それらは何ヶ月も前に出ていました。










バイデンはRVを止めようとしています。これは私たちがどれだけ近づいているかを示しているので良いことです。DS はそれを止めようとしていますが、できません


Urgent Biden extends U.S. state of emergency on Iraq

 US President Joe Biden on Tuesday signed a decree extending the national emergency related to the situation in Iraq.

“There are still obstacles to the orderly reconstruction of Iraq, the restoration and maintenance of peace and security in the country, and the development of political, administrative, and economic institutions in Iraq,” a statement by Biden said in a White House website.
He added that these obstacles “pose an extraordinary threat to the national security and foreign policy of Iraq and the United States of America as well. Therefore, I have determined that it is necessary to continue the national emergency declared under Executive Order 13303 regarding the stability of Iraq.”
Resolution 13303 on Iraq was issued in 2003 under former US President George W. Bush, banning the export of certain private goods, as well as punishing personalities and entities.



“イラクの秩序ある復興、同国の平和と安全の回復と維持、イラクの政治・行政・経済制度の発展には依然として障害がある “と、バイデン氏の声明がホワイトハウスのウェブサイトに掲載された。






Coordinated. Military. Operations.
C Q D. Maritime Signaling.
Laws of War.
Military-Civilian Alliance.

US Government Corporation Inc. under Military Occupation, 1/7/2021 – Present.
Country placed into Continuity-of-Government, Summer 2016.
Alliance Campaigns world _wide to eliminate/destroy the Deep_State disease that brought the Earth to the brink of extinction.

We The People Rise.



CaptKyle Patriots

CQ D. 海上信号。

軍事占領下の米国政府公社、2021 年 1 月 7 日 – 現在。
2016 年夏に政府継続体制に入った国。

[彼ら] 落ちる。



The flag is raised upside down, which means

Search, instead, when the arreves flag is hoisted, what does it mean

In the case of the flag raised upside down, the message it indicates is always related to the disaster or the request for protection: declaration of surrender to the enemy, request for help or protest.



代わりに、arreves フラグが掲げられている場合、それが何を意味するのかを検索してください。



💢 Humanitarians, this message is for you. Ambassador Anita shares a very encouraging, uplifting message as she addresses the current state of affairs affecting all of you right now. Consider it a hug from heaven. It’s what your heart needs right now. Give it a listen and please give it wings and share with others who you know are hurt or confused. There’s lots of help on the way. Chin Up, dear ones. 💞⬇️



Hey everybody, this is Anita. I just wanted to give a quick hello to everybody. I know there’s been a lot of division disruption disappointment fear. about what’s going on with Belief systems and use of being able to do, you know med bed centers and can you even use the med beds and there’s talk of mine wipes and all the other stuff. So the first thing I want to say is to remember that. With all that we’ve learned about the alliance through Earth Alliance that first and foremost, they support the humanitarians, which means that they support Humanity. So knowing that what is that going to lead you in your heart to believe? and I’m hoping That it’ll feel and resonate with you that the new Earth Alliance wants. What’s the best highest and best good for Humanity? Which would mean that they want to? help people to be their best and to be their healthiest and especially we’re in the Front Runners here that are going to be the ones holding the fort to help with the transition to help, you know, Humanity heal and to help Humanity become glorious and being able to be creative with all the projects that are going to help bring Humanity up. To just a huge level on so many different ways. So if this is the whole point of the humanitarian movement in the RV revaluation so that we can readjust the amount of abundance it’s in our planet so that everybody has the ability to be able to bask in and be fulfilled with God’s abundance. then think about some of the things that people are worried about if this is about connecting into God’s abundance. then Isn’t God playing a big? Place and it doesn’t have a big place in all of this. So I think we have to remember that God is Central to everything. You know, he is the love that holds everything in the universe and in all of creation together. and because of that knowing that we are loved children of God. That everything’s going to be okay. that we will be. simple and will be will be moving in the right direction with everything that we do here because we’re doing it with the intention of being in the flow of God’s will and trying to be vessels to be in service to others and in service to humanity. Take care of our families and to find joy and everything. that we do so just know that Ginger and I on Sunday went in and connected in with the alliance and got some really good information and the there’s a group of us and there’s actually get this 17 of US 17 who are part of this group that are hoping to meet on tomorrow on Wednesday to bring questions to the alliance and whoever else is going to be present at the meeting. To get some answers. I don’t know if there will be all 17 of us there, but they’ll be A substantial number of people who are ascending together to get some answers to some of the questions that we all have and to be able to bring back information that we feel is verified. It’s not just me going up and talking to Lions or some other person talking to the alliance and then just having one person’s, you know Viewpoint. This is looking at a substantial number of people working together and going yeah. I heard that. Yes, that’s what I thought and everybody seeing the same thing feeling the same thing or not and then being able to bring that information back to you. So the whole goal here is to be able to offer you verifiable information and we’re gonna be bringing back information that we’ll talk about the med beds that will talk about Ascension that we’ll talk about, you know, willful Ascension and connecting with your Lions team, like all the questions that people have been posting and asking and things that Worried about we’re working to get clarification and verifiable information to you. So I want you to stay steadfast in your faith. and your focus knowing that your heart is exactly where it needs to be as a humanitarian. and that we have this beautiful amazing vision. For the glory of humanity and where we’re going to be going in the future. So I just want you to let you know about sort of the State of Affairs, right and that Ginger and I have worked really hard together and all the ambassadors and the other humanitarians that are working together with us. as a group to to offer you support and to know that you are all loved. You are very loved. by all of us by Me by Ginger by the immerse by those helping behind the scenes and we just want to say to remember that that we are team. And there’s no I in team there were all equal. And that we’re all here working together for each other. So be well and stay tuned for the newest update. Love you guys.

Ginger’s LIBERTY Lounge












ジンジャーと私は一緒に一生懸命働いてきました そして、大使や他の人道主義者も一緒に働いています グループとして、あなたたちをサポートするために そして、あなたたちが愛されていることを知ってほしいんです


チームには “I “はなく、みんな平等だった。そして、私たちは皆、お互いのためにここで一緒に働いているのだということを。


graham hodsdonさんが言っているように、いま非常に多くの情報が出ています。目を引くのがジョーバイデンに関する情報ですが「目を引く」がポイントです。目覚めている人も目覚めていない人もDSも「目を引く」





Mickey has a boot?

Watch the Water