NEW!!スカイさんのビデオ「このショーを終わらせる時は今です!」&ゲマトリア「EBS Tonight Tonight Tonight」


NEW!! スカイさん このショーを終わらせる時は今です! 2023.5.26

White hats END IT NOW!

white hats Alliance whatever you want to call yourself we have to talk now

come first of June I know many people in the humanitarian truther community that will be selling their currency and walking away from this forever they have lost complete and total trust and faith in you they no longer listen to what you say they no longer hold the line or keep the faith they sitting on the side of the street with their children eating out of garbage bins living under bridges living in tents while you sit in your mansions in all your expensive suits with banquets in front of you hundreds of thousands if not millions of dollars in your account while you and your family are safe

while we here us the general public suffer and continue to die and be murdered at the hands of you yes that’s right You by continuing this war by allowing the evil ones to continue suppressing us murdering us making us homeless losing our jobs forcing

unbelievable crimes against us you are allowing this to happen you say it’s to wake up the population well if it was it would be public guess what it’s all behind the scenes so you can’t get away with that excuse

there are many many people in this humanitarian truth or community that has had enough but are too scared to stand up and say it why because the moment they say they’re struggling or they’ve had enough other humanitarians and Truth is tear them to shreds like a pack of wolves real humanitarian like huh I don’t care what people say about me so I have no problem standing up and being the voice for the people we have had enough

no more we are no longer willing to participate in being your pawns on a chessboard that you can use and place us around and treat us like a piece of trash

we are sovereign beings we have feelings we have families to feed we are trying to survive now I know many of you don’t understand what that’s like in your multi-million dollar mansions

but enough

no more

no more you get to go to cocktail parties through lavish wonderful events while we freeze and shiver and sweat our asses sitting on the side of the street wondering what we’re going to feed our children next just trying to stay alive while you play games with us

the humanitarian funds haven’t been released yet why not oh that’s right because you’re playing games you’re playing politics

not good enough not good enough come first of June many are going to walk away and turn their backs on the white hats for good even when the funds are released they will not support this these atrocities that you are committing Against Humanity you say you’re trying to save Humanity well how about start doing it am I grateful for taking out the evil ones bloody oath I am but at what cost at what cost

by your actions of standing by and allowing the evil ones to plunder and rape us for all we have including our lives you have now become the evil ones am I going to get hammered for saying this yeah do I care no why because it’s the truth and I will always speak the truth no matter what

if any of you whiteheads alliance members are listening to this and feel guilty good you should you should you’re supposed to be for the people yet the people are dying and losing everything While You Stand By and Watch to me that’s the same as doing it so yes you are just as bad as the white hats you’re not for Humanity you might be for the future of this planet but for Humanity not so much

it’s your act together

stop playing politics with our lives stop pretending to play War Games expose all the dark [ __ ] expose it stop allowing truthers to be murdered and poisoned when we’re only standing up for what is right and Truth which is what you claim to do

the time to end this [  ] show is now now not tomorrow not yesterday not the day after not after your EBS and war game [  ] end it now or there’s not going to be enough people here left for you to expose the truth and protect we’re all going to be six feet under or have turned our backs on you entirely

end this [ __ ] show now because karma knocks on everyone’s door remember that do you really want to be responsible for what you’re doing

glad I’m not into your shoes I’m glad I’m on the side of Truth not treason not murder not genocide not the horrific crimes that you are committing against the everyday person every single day enough of the [ __ ] show end it now

White hats END IT NOW!

NEW!! ビデオ 2023.5.26


ホワイトハットアライアンス あなたが自分のことを何と呼んでもいいのですが、私たちは6月の初めに話さなければなりません



彼らはもうあなたの言うことを聞かない 彼らはもう境界線を守ることも信仰を守ることもしない

彼らは子供たちと一緒に道端に座ってゴミ箱から食べている 橋の下で暮らしている テントで暮らしている



あなたとあなたの家族は安全である一方、ここにいる私たち一般大衆は苦しみ、 あなたの手で 死に続け、殺され続けています









もう 十分 です
















あなたたちホワイトハットアライアンスのメンバーがこれを聞いているとしても、 私は常に真実を話します








それを暴露してください、真実を主張する人たちを許可するのをやめてください 私たちが正しいことと真実のために立ち上がっているだけなのに、殺されて毒殺されてもいい 、それがあなたが主張することなのです





私たちは皆 6 フィート下になるでしょう、さもなければあなたに完全に背を向けてしまいます



私はあなたの立場でなくてよかった 私は真実の側にいてよかった

反逆罪でも殺人でも大量虐殺でもない あなたたちが日常生活で犯している恐ろしい犯罪は もうたくさんだ 番組を終わらせよう









There will be a LIVE either tomorrow or Friday

Whatever day it turns out being, it will be a matinee

At this point, I’m leaning towards Friday

I have a major, major announcement to make, which will effect each and every one of us

Phil Godlewski 3.0





There will be a LIVE either tomorrow or Friday

【ゲマトリア】There will be a LIVE either tomorrow or Friday









QC すべての支配者は死ぬ Q 愛が唯一のルール


Whatever day it turns out being

【ゲマトリア】Whatever day it turns out being




ゲサラゴッド経済認定改革法 Gesara God Economic Accreditated Reform Act



it will be a matinee

【ゲマトリア】it will be a matinee






At this point

【ゲマトリア】At this point




I’m leaning towards Friday

【ゲマトリア】I’m leaning towards Friday




緊急放送メッセージEmergency Broadcast Message




I have a major

【ゲマトリア】I have a major





major announcement to make

【ゲマトリア】major announcement to make





which will effect each and every one of us

【ゲマトリア】which will effect each and every one of us


神の存在 Ag M q命令 Nesara GesaraPresence Of God Ag M Q Orders Nesara Gesara




it’s going to be tomorrow

Phil Godlewski 3.0


【ゲマトリア】it’s going to be tomorrow

緊急放送システム Emergency Broadcast System EBS

今夜、今夜、今夜 ➡ またです「今夜」


フィルさんが更に投稿「it’s going to be tomorrow」は明日のライブの事ですよ~と。



i meant the Live

Phil Godlewski 3.0


【ゲマトリア】i meant the Live









JUST IN – FDA approves Neuralink, Elon Musk’s brain-chip company, to launch its first-in-human clinical study.

Neuralink, the brain implant company founded by Elon Musk, has gotten approval from the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to launch its first-in-human clinical study. This is according to an announcement from the company Thursday.Musk has said since 2019 that Neuralink will soon be able to begin human trials. Now, with approval from the FDA, testing can begin. Neuralink only sought approval last year, despite being founded in 2016. The aim of the brain implant is to treat intractable conditions such as paralysis and blindness.The federal government has previously probed the Neuralink company and its objective. Last year, the USDA’s Inspector General investigated, at the request of a federal prosecutor, potential violations of the Animal Welfare Act. The probe also looked into the USDA oversight of Neuralink.

“This is the result of incredible work by the Neuralink team in close collaboration with the FDA and represents an important first step that will one day allow our technology to help many people,” the Neuralink announcement on Twitter reads.

Elon Musk and the Neuralink company have said that recruitment for the trials is not yet available, but they will “announce more information” soon. The FDA has yet to say anything further about regulations for the trials.

ジャストイン – FDA は、イーロン・マスク氏のブレインチップ会社である Neuralink が、初のヒト臨床研究を開始することを承認しました。イーロンマスクのニューラリンクがブレインチップのFDA承認を取得














Prophetic Encounter / Word

America, America, America! A new day is dawning!

May 19, 2023

Respectfully Submitted

Barry Wunsch

I was taken in the spirit to Washington DC.

As I was approaching the city from the air at a very high altitude, I saw a mighty wind blowing.

There was debris flying all over the place!

It blew so hard people could hardly walk or stand up in it.

If they wanted to move it was on their knees.

I was taken to the White House, and it was on a lock down.

It had been abandoned at this point of the storm.

As I walked through the hallways and offices, things were in a shambles.

The Biden administration had left, and had left fast and were on the run.

There were drawers open, had been rummaged through to take what they had to, trying not to leave any evidence behind.

Desks and file cabinets with documents strewn about.

It looked like a midnight move!

The storm was upon them, and they had no choice now but to run for their lives.

Things were closing in on them.

Computers were gone.

Servers were gone.

Wires and cables just cut so they could pull hardware and equipment out that held secrets that they were trying to hide and make go away.

I watched as special ops arrived on site; these guys were the best.

Fearless. Bold and courageous.

They had every gate and entry covered.

Trucks and vans everywhere.

They moved with surgical precision and knew exactly what they were looking for and what they had to do.

I was then taken in the spirit into a room of highly trained computer engineers, they were special ops of another kind.

They had gone in before hand and had acquired all the data that the enemy was trying to hide.

They were going through it to ensure they had it all, confident that they had it, and they did.

Not only did they have the data from the corrupt Biden regime, but they had each and every transaction that had been made with nefarious intentions and other international leaders and organizations.

It was all there. All the evidence was in hand.

I was then taken in the spirit above the nation and watched a shock wave go through the land.

It ripped out through the ground, and as a rock thrown into the water causes ripples – this is what I watched.

The ground itself moved as water does when ripples are set out.

There was nothing that was not affected by what was happening in this moment.

Those who had build on the Rock of the Lord where not shaken or damaged by these waves, but those who had not had considerable damage.

It was through these hours where it was easy to see who was there to lead and care for the people and nation and who was there looking for self preservation and selfish interests.

I saw men and women who had rejected the Father pulling over on the side of the road, getting on their knees in repentance.

I saw strangers holding hands on the city streets praying and crying together coming to God.

I saw many doctors and nurses packing up personal belongings and leaving hospitals and care units.

The conviction of what they did or didn’t do was now a torment to them.

The shaking had exposed the truth that they had denied time and time again.

Now, there was no more denying it.

The lost and the hurting were banging on the doors of churches, looking for a place of safety and security and a place at the altar.

I saw busses of medical teams, doctors and nurses coming to these hospitals and facilities to care and tend to those who needed it.

They were followed by remanent believers who came into comfort and pray for those who were hurting and needed it.

I was taken into the spirit and saw school boards dissolving.

They had met their match and were done.

Investigators on site gathering evidence of abuse and pedophilia.

There was not going to be a way to get away with the harm done to these innocent ones.

I had a glimpse of what they had been doing and I could not look upon it for more than a second.

I wanted to vomit.

Parents gathering outside administration buildings in rage looking for justice and answers as to what they had done.

Things had shifted and they were now in a position to get things back in order.

I was taken again in the spirit and was shown military police going into government buildings, city halls, municipalities, courts and police stations.

They were arresting officials and judges, charging them bringing them to justice.

They had taken bribes and under the table deals by cabal globalist leaders to go along with WEF agendas.

They were now going to pay for crimes against humanity.

The call was out for a new breed of governance. Those ones were being vetted and prepared to step in and build a new system.

I saw communication dishes shaken off foundations, no longer able to broadcast.

MSM networks shaken to the core.

Left with the embarrassment and shame for all to see how they were paid puppets to echo what they had been told.

I saw files in the office of CIA instructions and narratives that they had been given to share as news and truth when it in fact was nothing but lies, deception and manipulation.

I saw the Fire of God being released upon new networks, uncompromising in real truth with men and women who could not be bought and controlled. This was a great day!

I saw stadiums being given to the church.

Not to build their own kingdoms and bank accounts, but to gather, pray and worship and bring people into the kingdom.

The Fire of God burning so hot that the flesh of man was in a position of the spirit of the fear of the Lord.

No one wanted to touch this move, for fear of being taken out as in the day the ark of the covenant was moved on a cart.

Crowds lined up for hours to get in these gatherings, Holy Spirit was pouring it out upon His people.

The Glory came and the Lord Himself would minister to the masses.

I was then taken in the spirit to a desert.

It was area 51.

And no I did not see any aliens!

This actually seemed like a place for securing other things – not UFO’s !

Fenced, gated, cameras over every square inch.

Nothing coming or going from here.

There were very large buildings and warehouses.

I was not given access to them all but the one I was taken into had rows of tall racking and storage and staging / working research areas.

There was agricultural technology that had advanced growing that produced the most nutritious fruits and vegetables, they were so large! I had never seen anything like it on the farm.

There were devices of various sizes that pulled power and energy out of the air.

It was able to capture and use energy seemingly out of no where.

The applications were endless.

Those on site were preparing to release these new advanced technologies to the world and it would save many lives.

The timing for release was in conjunction with the cabal no longer being able to control and supress it.

God was releasing it for the benefit of His people.

These warehouses were full of these kinds of life changing things, this was the tip of the iceberg.

Then the Lord spoke to me:

America, America, America!

The day of your deliverance is upon you.

A new day is dawning!

Things have gone to far and there is no turning back from here!

The storm that was promised is now upon this land.

As the wind of my spirit blows through this Nation things will once again be set into order.

My order.

The days of the cabal are coming to an end.

The corrupt actions shall be held to account.

Joe has tried to sell you out.

He has had his hand the pockets of CCP.

He will be tried and convicted caught red handed!

The back door in the Ukraine has been shut!

They will turn and burn him with no regard and the truth will stand.

They played him like a violin!

The Masons are on their last legs!

For there is no other God above me!

Hear me today, let me be clear – I am purging out every evil and demonic affiliate from places of power and control in this land and I will stop at nothing until it is done – for I finish what I start!

For there is no greater love that I have than that for my precious little lambs!

I am setting up houses of refuge here and now.

I am raising up and releasing spiritual mothers and fathers in this nation at this time.

Many have been hidden away.

Many I have pulled out of the institutionalized church.

I have repositioned you for the harvest that is coming in.

I am returning my people to the ancient paths that I have long established.

Yes, you will once again meet house to house breaking bread and yes, you will gather as I lead you into stadiums.

As you seek me and remain in Me, in humility, surrender and obedience I will provide you with every resource that you need!

It is my greatest desire for this Nation to turn back to Me!

I am waiting with open loving arms!

Holy is the word of the Lord

Phil Godlewski 3.0


アメリカ、アメリカ、アメリカ! 新しい日が明けている!






















恐るべし。 大胆で勇気ある。








全てはそこにあった 全ての証拠は手元にあった。




























新種の統治のための呼びかけは出ていた。 それらは審査を受けていて、新しいシステムを構築する準備をしていました。





私は新しいネットワークに神の火が放たれるのを見た。買収され制御できなかった男女と本当の真実に妥協しない。 これは素晴らしい日だった!










ここは実際、他のものを確保するための場所のように思えた – UFOではなく!





成長が進んだ農業技術があり、最も栄養価の高い果物や野菜を作り出しました。とても大きかったです! 農場でこのようなものは見たことがなかった。









































SGAnon QNewsPatriot File 51

Trump Conspiracy Charges Coming | WW3 Going Public | Major FF Events Being Staged | Hang On Tight

good afternoon Patriots and welcome to the 51st audiophile on the audiocast series known as the Q news Patriot I’m the cunis Patriot coming to you now for the third time on this particular audio file um my name is sgiano it’s been quite a last few days hasn’t it I think the last time that we came together on air in this fashion was about nine or ten days ago um tremendous amounts of disclosure and d-class are happening at a rate that is really difficult to keep up with certainly difficult to quantify we have the hardcore evidence now being presented through reports such as the Durham report other Congressional investigations even the mainstream media is now beginning to um report certain facets of the truth certain pivotal details that are extremely important to understand the context not only of where we’ve come for the past really seven to eight years but where we’re going to be going certainly this the rest of this year through the rest of next year and then onward into the future as we rebuild our world we’re not going to get um excuse me we’re not going to waste too much time today um I don’t have a lot of time actually this again this is the third attempt at this particular recording and I’ve got my little one I’ve managed to get him occupied for a little while with my wife while I do this um but it is important I think to pass along some of the details that I’ve been researching some of the connections that are being made by individuals that we know have been um I shouldn’t say involved with q but have been ancillarially or um approximally tied to things like the drops certainly through president Trump’s truth social uh through dance kavino’s true social Instagram and Twitter and others so without further Ado let’s go ahead and get right to it there’s a lot going on in the world um the final battle if you will is heating up it’s becoming a public thing an overt thing um the World War III if we will which has actually already been going on silently for a long time is becoming a much more public narrative and a much more public threat we have the fake resident the actor Joe Biden in Japan over the last few days we have the United States banking sector continuing to Hemorrhage money at rates that has not been seen really ever in its history we have JP Morgan freezing bank accounts um across the United States and predominantly red conservative We the People areas this is open War now this is not something that’s really difficult to understand when we step back and we appreciate that this isn’t a regular conflict it’s an Espionage War a special operation um and we have tactics being deployed by both the remnant that Still Remains and the good actors what we would call the white hat military Alliance to draw out uh continue to drain um and disable and disempower the Bad actors even you know including all sectors right Banking and finance business law government military Etc to really draw them out into the light force them to play their cards force them to open up hidden um uh any any hidden cards that they may have forced them to show us what is at play excuse me and then we’re able to direct that into the public space and really compel the public narrative towards um absolute truth right so um sort of along those lines we’re going to go ahead and talk first about Russia there are some things that are heating up and going on in um in and around that area of the world right now it’s important to note that President Medvedev or excuse me former president Medvedev of Russia um has come out now and said that the Baltic territory is the Baltic states are in fact Russian and that they need to essentially plan on rejoining Russia by the time this conflict is all over we’ve talked about that for a while on this program I think we initially broached that topic back in February or March of this year ancestral writing of wrongs is a key component for understanding what exactly is happening with this Optical World War III the Taiwan Mainland or excuse me the Taiwanese Island being reunited with the Chinese Mainland um you know different territories within Europe being reunited with their appropriate ancestral heritage for example with the Baltic states and portions of Finland as it pertains to Russia certainly with Ukraine as it pertains to Russia these are very important acknowledgments that we have to have because it provides important context and a clear understanding of why these events are popping off in the fashion that they are it’s worth remembering of course that in these localities throughout the world massive amounts of MK Ultra mainstream media and information control and really information psychological warfare have been waged on We the People to compel um really to seed and then compel these events these beliefs to a fever pitch point uh within the populations of those Geographic areas um where they become sort of brainwashed just as we were brainwashed here in the United States and in the west um to really not understand who they are where they’re from their history has been just as distorted and obfuscated if not more so but that does not excuse the fact that um The ancestral lineage The ancestral um right to rule if we will has has to go back to the correct parties it has to be returned to We the People not only symbolically but kinetically and physically and so we’re seeing a massive massive ramp up in Russian military activity to include the deployment of more than 15 nuclear-capable bombers along the borders of the Baltic states the NATO Baltic states Finland and of course in the Ukrainian area this sort of coinciding with an intrusion into the belgarad region in Russia just in the last few days Ukrainian militants with the assistance of British intelligence Services MI6 and I would I would conjecture the CIA I’ve not been able to establish that but certainly MI6 assisting in that incursion and intrusion into the Russian border the Russian military is actually being deployed along the border internally to include the Russian Air Force they’ve actually put down that incursion and more than 40 Ukrainian militants in that area alone were eliminated by the Air Force and by ground forces that came in to really do the job of what would of what we would compare to the U.S border Patrol for example this is a pretext a Prelude of things to come military being used for protection of the of the nation of the citizens being used for certainly border enforcement that’s going to come here in the United States and elsewhere but you know here in the United States we have a much different scenario and and we’re really sort of um allowing this to happen so that we have a clear understanding of how important it is as a people as a nation to throw off that brainwashing to understand that there is nothing anti-humanitarian that there’s nothing anti-freedom about demanding and enforcing that territorial sovereignty that borders be um respected that they be enforced that a legal process for immigration migration things of this nature be um instituted and adhered to long term so again without getting too much into the philosophy of it we’re going to see this this rehearsal if you will that Russia is putting out within their own or their example I should say is a better word um within their own territorial sovereignty utilizing their military forces to uh enforce things like the border to handle the incursion of terrorists to handle the incursion of military uh militarized um resistance militarized guerrilla warfare that’s going to come to many different sectors throughout the world before it’s all over it’s worth highlighting that the Russian buildup of troops in the west and southwest of the country has now eclipsed one million this is a massive massive Invasion force a massive ground capable excuse me force and just recently president Medvedev or excuse me former president Medvedev I keep calling him that but I remember when I was younger that he was briefly the president of Russia but Dimitri Medvedev has come out now and said that in 2023 just in the first four months alone uh the Russian Armed Forces eclipsed more than a hundred thousand new troops I would conjecture that that number is probably higher um we know that the Russian military the Russian war machine the industrial manufacturing capabilities of the country have been ramped up significantly we have good evidence now to show that Chinese assets are continuing to move through the Russian Countryside towards Eastern Europe and that Russian assets are now actually deployed in the Pacific region um just recently we had two Corvettes Russia Navy Corvettes picked up by South Korea as transiting through the Sea of Japan um and then of course we have the evidence that goes back a couple of weeks now where Russia and China held a very significant Naval drills um for repelling air power repelling um or excuse me and and um invading um you know landing on an island and in and um ensuring that that campaign is insulated that that campaign is properly um conducted and and these sorts of things so this strategic cooperation is only deepening with the appearance of new Russian assets Naval assets in the Pacific we have evidence to show within the last three to five weeks that Russian submarines have actually been deployed around the world to all major ocean theaters and NATO does not know where they are at so with this um with this development that we were seeing play out right now in this Optical World War III situation we can draw many parallels right Q tells us to Remember The Hunt for Red October the sum of all fears other movies uh Cinema things like that where these deep State luciferians have always sort of goofed on us symbolically uh Q reminds us that we’re turning that symbolism on them but many of but much of that symbolism is going to be applied in the kinetic space it’s going to be a real world thing I think that we have and I reported uh several weeks back actually it’s been a couple of months ago now that if we apply the contextual historic lens if we go back to the um the history lens the U.S will come to a fever pitch at some point along this journey many people may call it a pre-civil war pitch or a a civil war like condition here within the United States of America and that will happen and it’s very possible that we see Russia show up right in our own ports um uh it could be a Russian submarine could be a Russian frigate Corvette things of that nature but that is an event or a series of events I should say that occurred previously it happened in American history at a time where the country was splitting apart I think it’s very possible that we see that again um but regardless we have Naval assets deployed around the world many of which I’m sure that we don’t know the exact locations and certainly not the mission objectives of but some of which we do optically we can see that showing up on information engines such as Twitter you can’t use Google folks you you really can’t find this sort of information utilizing the Google platform simply because it is so heavily controlled and heavily influenced by the Deep State AI systems that Purge results that shut down any sort of information that would be disadvantageous to our enemies I highlighted this recently with Russia’s Banning of Obama and several other actually it was about 500 to 650 depending on the source that you read individuals from coming excuse me from coming into the country and of course the Google search engine if you want to type in Russia bans President Obama I came up with absolutely zero results we know that that’s not the case we know that that’s not true so remember when we researched Twitter is a fantastic Forum to go and find a lot of this open source information dot gov websites websites going back several years highlighting records that have been kept online you know digitized and maybe have been um I shouldn’t say immune to but who have managed to slip by the Crawlers that go through the cyberspace area the cyberspace Arena of the world um and have sort of managed to stay under the radar you can find a lot of great information when we take that approach the Russian military is preparing overall for a dramatic expansion of these conflicts we’ve got the conflict in Ukraine that has been raging for a while we’ve got the Liberation recently of Bak moot I know some people have put out that that is some sort of a marker or some sort of a a pivotal moment in this military campaign worldwide I can’t confirm something like that but I can say that Bach mood has been home to a tremendous amount of bioterrorism just in the same fashion that Morrow pool was and it’s worth noting that symbolically um exactly one year after Bach moot or excuse me after moral pool fell to the Russian military we have the bakamut city that’s a very large city or formerly a very large city a very um industry-capable Arena Center the center piece of a lot of a lot of trafficking underground bases of course being in that area that has now fallen exactly one year later to the Wagner group per goatsan has come out and said that the wagoners will not return to operational combat status before the end of June I think it’s worth highlighting that this is the same pagosan that used heavy amounts of disinformation regarding the availability of ammunition the availability of combat capability and combat assets just several weeks ago and we saw that sort of draw out um the Ukrainian militant Army sort of give them a boost to unentrench themselves and attempt to advance and when they had when they came out of the woodwork if we will came out of their entrenched positions their fortresses they were immediately annihilated so it’s worth noting that this could be a disinformation campaign we could very well see these sorts of operations resume very quickly Vladimir Putin has has scheduled July really as being the month where this special military operation will cease what comes beyond the other side of that I think is anyone’s guess but it’s worth highlighting that if we’re going to expand this war if NATO is going to be much more involved actively if we’re really going to have a kinetic World War III style optic being carried through to the public masses and I believe that is a case it’s very possible that the special uh Espionage component the targeted surgical component of this war may be over as Russia is concerned and they may be preparing for a full-scale land War encompassing multiple Nations throughout Europe certainly involvement in the Middle East certainly involvement in Alliance with China for what China will be doing in the Pacific Theater and that is going to be coming very soon so sort of on that Pacific Theater discussion give me just a moment here we’re going to come over I pulled up some very interesting information regarding what’s happening in the Pacific we have the Japanese Ministry of Defense identifying Uh Russian ships in the region this is just a couple of days ago um the RFS uh silver shiny and the RFS grumkey along with a dubna class Fleet Oiler cited this past Friday in the Sea of Japan we have a tremendous amount of U.S naval asset movement we’ve got according to this 18 Russian warships have come through the Cydia Straits since the 20th of April the city Australia being north of the Japanese Mainland that looks like maybe just South Southwest of the um Kamchatka Peninsula we’ve got um the USS Ronald Reagan an American amphibious uh strike group currently stationed in just south of the Japanese Mainland nearing nearing the uh or near the Okinawa base we’ve got U.S submarines that have been moved into the area just south of South Korea the USS Nimitz is just North of Malaysia and we have the Filipino excuse me the um the Macon Island amphibious ready group down there near the Philippines additionally we have a ballistic missile sub and this is just the one that we know of that is stationed at last reports uh just east of Naval Base Guam and we have the USS Carl Vinson in the area so this is a very volatile situation this is a very volatile um backdrop to be operating with we know that there are certain characteristics with this white hat on black hat military Alliance that are going or excuse me military conflicts that are going to become much more overt as we go through this process the military-industrial complex and specifically the Bad actors involved in that will do everything that they can within their own power to resist um the victory of We the People to resist the victory of the good guys if we want to call them that the white hat Alliance within patriotic militaries because when that comes their involvement in bioterrorism their involvement in the weaponization of Technology against mankind the development of weaponized technologies that were then deployed illegally against mankind their funding of things like the CIA their development of the MRNA kill shots it was not just Pfizer moderna the medical military complex the medical military industrial complex that was responsible for this it was really it goes back to DARPA it goes back to the CIA and it goes back to the U.S DOD these are highly salacious crimes these are some of the most dramatic and expansive crimes against humanity that have ever been recorded and that doesn’t even begin to touch the amount of warlordship the mercenary style activities of different military components both in the U.S and others specifically in the NATO Nations and and really the the European post-colonial era doesn’t even begin to touch what has been done to entire nation states as a result of those complexes so the actors that are still involved the actors who pledge allegiance to the fake Biden regime for example or who pledge allegiance to the Rothschild dynasty or to the the central banksters who control the various governments in NATO and in other areas excuse me these individuals will fight tooth nail and Chin to keep themselves out of tribunals and out of that public Justice that we know we the people will eventually come to as long as we continue this war and we continue this Awakening so it’s worth highlighting that as we go into the summer we’re going to see some of this begin to pop off we’re going to see these events expand we have an imminent collapse of the U.S banking sector the treasury optically what is the treasury is saying that will be out of money to pay our bills by the 15th of June that the U.S will default on June 1st or 2nd you know that will cause a tremendous shock wave throughout all financial markets not only in North America but all around the world um the dollar as we’ve discussed a couple of different times on this program has already been removed as the world’s Reserve currency and we’re living through the throes of that the initial thrashing about of that particular process and it’s only going to get worse it’s only going to get more dramatic and it has to by Design because as we disempower NATO militarily we also disempower them financially we are we are crippling the military-industrial complexes ability to continue to wage war but they will use the assets the capabilities the equipment the loyalties Etc that they still have control of including hidden cells sleeper cells Espionage cells they will deploy all of these in all different areas to prevent the overall Victory the overall Justice that we the people seek and they will fail but it’s worth noting that before they fail we have to play these cards very carefully we have to sort of slow walk and slow boil this process we’re already seeing some of that begin to play out in a public space as different nations begin to align with smaller Nations a good example just recently the U.S signed a security pact with Papua New Guinea amid competition with China and at that meeting we actually had the New Zealand prime minister um uh Chris Hoskins meeting at a breakfast meeting with the prime minister of Papua New Guinea in Port Moresby so we know that New Zealand of course being a five eyes Nation Australia being a five eyes Nation the United States being a five eyes Nation um putting together these security packs with these smaller island nations helps to insulate the exposure of the bioterrorism and the child trafficking the human trafficking the smuggling the slavery the forced slavery bazaars that have been put together in these different areas of the world as different segments of their populations have been completely decimated by this cabal uh you know New Guinea uh the in some of the Indonesian Islands the Philippines um recently we had a tip off from former congressman and CEO of trump media and Technology Group Devin Nunez that the Azor islands in the Atlantic would also come into The Fray in this particular regard that is a major component as well of what the military mercenary industrial complex has enabled and protected it’s not possible for all of the worldwide shipping lanes that have been um participative in these incredible crimes to have been safe transiting through all international waters everywhere when you consider things like weather um Marine events piracy other dangers that exist on the Open Seas it’s not possible that these uh you know what we would call civilian shipping companies optically these corporate shipping companies could have maintained that level of um Integrity of operation that security of operation without assistance by different navies and certainly without assistance at different points by governments so understanding then that we’re already seeing the alliances being painted we’re already forcing the black hats into picking sides and protecting their own and insulating their own knowing what’s coming that is a wonderful indicator of where we’re at as we press forward in this war they’re very nervous they’re very scared and they’re taking unequivocal action to try and protect and and hedge against the exposures excuse me that are absolutely coming um it’s very fascinating I think to note that at the same time all of these things are going on we have the political situation here in the United States of America that just continues to get more dire we have the social constructs here in the United States of America that continue to get more extreme we have the attacks on President Trump leveling up and ratcheting up at levels that we’ve not yet seen and that’s really difficult I think for us to Fathom a lot of us out there who are Ardent Trump supporters Ardent supporters of the Maga movement that make America great again movement it’s difficult to watch because we’re watching the systematic destruction of our country but at the same time it’s worth highlighting that it’s not really our country we’re watching the systematic destruction of the U.S corporate Inc of the U.S government corporation of what was a construct that was built over our land and usurped our land and usurped our rights to our own land and we’re watching that construct brought down the problem is that in order to do so we have to go all of the way to the community level we have to have 90 plus percent of the individuals in the United States on board with a clear understanding we’re well on the way to that number a lot of you have been very upset about this 70 and then this 80 percent I don’t know where all that’s come from um I’ve never once claimed on this program that 80 was needed I’ve always said that it had to be 90 plus percent Q tells us that four to six percent are lost forever if we do the backwards math on that it’s 90 plus percent that’s simply the facts um 80 is not enough 20 of the population not being on board with a Great Awakening especially with a military operation happening within the United States if that operation were to go public 80 is not enough to hedge the um the overall demographic of We the People the overall societal structure against chaos especially when we consider that with the exception of certain information outlets and certain laws that we’ve been able to leverage here in the United States under this military government this military occupation we have a tremendous amount of AI influence and deep State uh influence I shouldn’t say control but absolutely influence in the information base that will continue even right up to the point where those operations become a public fact so it is 90 plus percent we do have to have that number and we’re well on the way um and the attacks against President Trump and the and the two-tiered justice system the complete failure of the Justice system’s objectivity the failure of the justice system to protect American citizens is all part of that as a result of that we’re going to see more charges leveled against the commander-in-chief we’re going to see charges of seditious conspiracy filed I do not know how those charges are going to turn out publicly and optically I would guess that they will be either appealed immediately um or or not allowed to continue to a fever pitch point but regardless it is going to be um that is going to come to the front it’s going to come I believe out of Georgia based on the research that we’re seeing the patterns of behavior that we’re seeing in that area and it’s going to relate to the 2020 election the beautiful thing about doing something like that and doing it in this fashion is that by charging a former president with seditious conspiracy just as we charge the former president with sex crimes and just as we charged a former president with money you know Financial crimes and money laundering things of this nature um tax evasion I think was what was the actual charge but I have to go back and double check off the top of my head I don’t recall but as we do all of this to a former president we’re establishing precedent to go forward and do all of this again but do it the correct way President Obama treason seditious conspiracy accuracy former Vice President Joe Biden and now deceased treason seditious conspiracy um former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton now deceased uh treason seditious conspiracy right and so as we go forward from this point we are allowing and I think president Trump is allowing himself to be the um the scapegoat the example the Preparatory maneuver the original moment where we put these things down on paper we codify them into law and precedent we give reason for the Judiciary to enforce these types of events charges whatever we want to call it later um and we are when we’re able to move forward from that as as we the people as one civilization Q tells us that it must be done right that it has to be by the book that it has to go through the courts it must carry weight uh we’re seeing that process happen now we’re seeing that process really on full display everywhere we’ve had uh election fraud now through the courts we’ve had uh the abortion issue through the courts we’ve had uh the Second Amendment and many arguments that have um come up in the last two to three years that have been supportive and protective of the Second Amendment have all gone through the courts um we’re going to see as a result of the Durham report fisa will be now involved in the court process and fisa will be Unearthed as the true Court the true Supreme Court that has been leveraged against We the People um and used to protect the Deep state for a very long time because fisa is being shown out through the FBI and through the CIA really the FBI and cia’s involvement in things like election fraud and framing another you know a different presidential candidate Etc and ignoring the the two-tiered system of justice right participating in establishing that sort of subjectivity we’re seeing that shown out so fisa is becoming um a public topic it’s coming into the narrative space Q tells us that fisa brings down the house I’m not qualified to opine on exactly what that might mean but it’s extremely exciting to see that now coming to the narrative space but it will not come fully and it will not be over just in my assessment and this is just my opinion before we see seditious conspiracy charges leveled against the former president so as we go forward here it’s worth highlighting that these are incredible times right these are amazing amazing times to be alive it’s difficult I think to acknowledge that when we as Americans are suffering um when we as Americans are learning what a um what can come from electioneering when we as Americans are experiencing firsthand the policies of a fraudulent government a fraudulent Administration a Manchurian Candidate um many other nations around the world have been thrust into the same position that we are now in as a result of the American deep state government as a result of the American military-industrial complex and the American CIA in conjunction with the five eyes and the Israeli Mossad many other nations many other peoples hundreds of millions of peoples have suffered and died at the hands of an illegitimate fraudulent government that was propped up supported and placed there by an American government in combination with other West Western Nations other NATO Nations throughout the last certainly the last couple of centuries but really before that but certainly within the last hundred years or so there’s been tremendous amount of suffering around the world for the exact same reasons as what we’re experiencing here in the United States so what we need to do and again this is just my own personal opinion and speculation but what we need to do is appreciate that we are uh sort of undoing that bad karma as we go through this process we’re sort of undoing what has occurred um we’re clearing our own name we’re clearing our own honor uh we’re living through the same sort of um um situation the same sort of circumstances that have caused incredible pain and misery throughout the rest of the world and yes we do owe it to them that is something that a lot of American Patriots don’t like hearing uh frankly that’s that’s not my discussion necessarily to have within those individuals on an individual basis but if you if we’re unable As Americans to extract ourselves from our own suffering if we’re unable to extract ourselves from our own lens our own selfishness then the Great Awakening is sort of a moot point right if we don’t learn that we are part of a greater whole and then we go and we participate in that greater whole at a much higher level at a much more beautiful level than than this Great Awakening was really all for naught um we are part of a greater whole we’re not simply isolationists it is disrespectful to the rest of humanity to say that it’s disrespectful to the millions and millions of people that have died at the hands of a corrupt government it wasn’t our fault it wasn’t the fault of the German people it wasn’t the fault of the United Kingdom it wasn’t the fault of the Canadian people it certainly wasn’t the fault of the American people but our governments caused incredible um malice and evil to perpetrate itself and to perpetuate itself throughout the rest of the world so there has to be some sort of um recompense some sort of penance that is that gets paid from that and I believe that we’ve all been living through that and we’re continuing to live through that President Trump absolutely would have known this as he went around the world in 2017 building what became this Alliance everyone had to have some sort of piece of the pie but there also had to be trust there also had to be the promise there had to be um mutual respect there had to be appreciation from one culture one people one nation to another and so as we go through this process here in the United States and in the western nations in France and in Germany and Austria and Italy and uh the UK and others we are being purified really in a great respect and we are earning back the respect of the rest of the world and really of our own selves as we go through this process together it’s actually a really beautiful thing when we can extract ourselves from our own selfishness and our own suffering and appreciate just how interwoven just how interconnected we all really are we are one we the people around the world we do have Sovereign identities we do have Sovereign National Origins we have National histories that we’re very proud of and we have national pride right but really we’re all one we the people we believe in life we believe in the protection of children we believe in the elimination of War um we believe in the elimination of gaslighting we believe in the elimination of subversion and Espionage Warfare we believe in free and fair trade we believe in having an even playing field with one another meaning every nation that offers something to the table be it resources influence control whatever that’s all leveled at a one to one so no one can take advantage of one another these are common beliefs around the entire Earth um excuse me so as as we go through this process I’m heartened by it actually I’m encouraged um our gas prices here where I’m at just went up another 62 cents um that’s not necessarily something that I love to see I put out on Truth social just recently that the community that I live in which is really a small town community of less than a hundred thousand people um absolutely looks destitute as we’ve gone through this process the roads are in on disgusting shape um the infrastructure is crumbling the small business scene is being absolutely crushed the money laundering and Corruption is now on full display with these car washes and these different school projects and it’s it’s the government and it’s the banks and it’s big Pharma you know we’ve built uh three or four new Medical Offices here in the last couple of years um as local business especially in retail hospitality in those sectors which are the easiest sectors for the the little man to really get involved in as as those have been completely crushed we’ve had these Leviathan uh Financial projects carried out just in this community alone and I’m certain across many communities out there with all of you um that showcase the corruption that showcase the incest right that showcase what’s really happening the local economy being crippled and jobs being really destroyed because we’re building car washes instead of Industry because we’re building um you know banking institutions or storage or you know storage properties and storage buildings instead of revitalizing different um economic infrastructure that has gone by the wayside and we’re seeing that on display all throughout the United States but but I what I’m trying to come back to is that it is encouraging in some respects because people are beginning to pay attention people are asking where their dollars have gone people are asking why um these sorts of things are occurring here both in this community and others and so it gives me me a little bit of pause they are waking up we’re sort of coming into the understanding you know we took really 30 excuse me 30 to 40 percent of the American population that was ready in 2020 to immediately admit that the election had been stolen we’ve now converted that to more than 70 percent um and and honestly I think that number could even be higher uh since those numbers are taken from polls that are primarily maligned and messed with so that is incredible progress just in three years time as we continue on through the rest of this year as we continue to see these military campaigns kick off throughout the rest of the world which will help shake the sleepers out of their Slumber as we continue um to await with baited breath and we will see Financial events coming both to the American and North American Financial and business sectors but also the Bretton Woods system as a whole which is predominantly responsible for a lot of the economy and Market behavior in Europe and in Asia we’re going to see them come into the fold we’re going to see the people awaken together we’re going to see them coming to you asking you questions about this or that or the other what’s really happening with these different scare events what’s really happening with this war what’s really going on um why does Joe Biden not look like Joe Biden I just had that question posed to me recently and that’s a fantastic starting place for anyone I had a friend of mine just recently um basically come out and say have you heard about the reptilian people these are incredible incredible Awakening um we’ll call them the open doors the gateways right into this into this Great Awakening right where people latch on to something that’s important and meaningful to them it stirs their Spirit enough for them to seek information and ask questions they throw off the fear complex they throw off the defensiveness The Need to Be Right the need to be correct and they get into the fold so we’re witnessing that on display it is tough it is difficult it is hard to fathom um it isn’t fair I’ll give I’ll give everyone out there that I’ll I’ll say that with anyone no it’s not fair but it is how this had to be because we had to get Humanity all under the same umbrella um all with a clear understanding of what’s happening in the world or we can’t progress forward we can’t eliminate this deep state they’re so snake-like they’re so capable of manipulating thought they’re so expertly versed in hiding themselves in plain sight and redirecting blame and attempting to obfuscate and Cloud things through legalese um have you ever read an insurance contract it’s exactly how they work in real life it’s exactly the the tactics that they deploy to the information space they intellectualize things they try and extract the emotion away from it and don’t get me wrong that’s important to have to an extent but compassion and moral Absolution have to be factored in when we make decisions regardless of what those decisions might be and they’ve always obfuscated that so in order for Humanity to come about to come to the point where we were all at a common understanding and we were influenceable no more where we were not able to be excuse me manipulated uh coerced um um where we didn’t have our compassion weaponized against us again as we’ve seen with so many of our sleepers and especially on the leftist side of the aisle there had to be discomfort there had to be confusion there had to be the exact things that we’ve seen playing out in the world over the last three years and which are going to continue as we go through the rest of this year and into next year now that’s not to say that we won’t begin to see military Justice the process of of holding the entire deep state to account we’re talking a worldwide Leviathan the process of holding them to account has been going on for a while we know that the White House has been used as a military prison we know that executions have happened within that building and there that there is a prison Storehouse beneath the U.S Capitol we know that Guantanamo Bay has been one of the most active sites around the world militarily over the last uh three to five years than it’s than it’s ever really been before we know that there is a U.S prison I guess we could say an alliance prison out there on um USMC camp blaz in Guam we know that there is at least one prison in the Antarctic Islands that’s been used militarily we know that the Russians have prisoners of War deep State prisoners of war that they have taken so all of this is building to a public reveal to a public unveiling to a public change but that public change must be sense of able we can’t slam people into the door we can’t force their Consciousness up against the glass because they will run right back into the program we can’t we can’t shoot our own foot despite our despite our face if we will we can’t um be proven out to be right at the expense of losing the progress that we’ve had it’s just it’s not feasible it’s not strategic it makes no sense and we have individuals out there from all different Patriot militaries and all different nations who are putting their lives on the line literally every single day to eradicate the kinetic real world infrastructure the assets the equipment the capabilities the research that this deep state has managed to put together and hide and and leverage against We the People it is worth highlighting as we go through the rest of this year and certainly through the rest of this month in the next in the next couple of months that major false flag events more than one are now in process and we have evidence of this we have tsunamis tsunami warnings starting to kick off from the USGS and other geological surveys throughout the world we have earthquakes that are happening with very large magnitude in coastal areas and off Islands in different areas of the world all of us know why many of those are many of those occur it is possible that we have harp involved in that from a um you know a deep State actor level I can’t confirm that but it is very possible that we have that going on but regardless we’re seeing these events being set up now sixty thousand pounds of explosives for example missing from a Union Pacific Railway train Union Pacific is owned by BlackRock and Vanguard right so these are the same individuals who would be seeking to distance themselves from the child trafficking being exposed the JP Morgan and the and the central banks all around the world um which amounts to the government’s right all around the world participating in organized um you know child and human trafficking um so they’re seeking to protect themselves we’ve got U.S senators now being issued satellite phones and preparing in preparation for communications blackout we have the FDA of all individuals and entities talking about a blackout for the internet concerning the issue of misinformation and disinformation the narrative space has absolutely been ramped up we have President former President Obama the actor playing former President Obama the actor playing um Hillary Clinton right now coming out doing interviews with different pundits and on different shows saying that we have to you know um rid the world of misinformation and disinformation we have to take control of the information we have to shut down Main or excuse me alternative news it has to be only mainstream um they’re they’re saying that Maga is going to kill people the Maga are terrorists things like this so they’re preparing and seeding The Narrative space and we have the kinetic real world events which I just highlighted a moment ago with the explosives the FDA the satellite phones we have these kinetic events happening in real world in real time showing us that they are preparing for exactly that um I’ve said for a while really started back in September that a major major false flag would happen on U.S soil uh Q tells us to read and be familiar with the book called the sum of all fears which which details a nuclear false flag event um several different bombs and several different large-scale sports stadiums throughout the United States dirty bombs it’s possible that we see something like that um it’s worth noting that 60 000 pounds of any sort of explosive material that’s going to be one heck of a bang um so it just you know be alert stay sharp stay aware of the things that are going on we are not through this conflict yet this conflict is really beginning to heat up president Trump told us it was going to heat up when he said that we were embarking upon the final battle the final battle is the final battle the final battle is an existential moment in any conflict it’s always the bloodiest it’s always the most Savage it’s always the furthest reaching if we will you’re going to see the most desperation the most amount of Hail Marys anything that the enemy has left to throw gets thrown because of the conclusion of a final battle the war is over there is a Victor there is a loser and the loser will be held to account for whatever the losers crimes or criminality may or may not have been it’s never been we the people or excuse me the Victor has never been we the people it’s always been them for the first time in history they’re going to lose they’re going to lose against the very enemy that they never thought they would lose against they’re going to lose against at the hands of the very individuals that they never thought would pose a threat that they always believed they had under under control and under their thumb they’re going to lose and that’s something that is sort of unfathomable and incomprehensible for them so expect all of the Hail Marys expect all of the desperation to come from them understand why it’s happening appreciate where we’re at understand why it has to be this way because if we keep our Focus where it needs to be which is the prize the promised land the other side of this war the total dethronement and destruction of the deep State luciferian machine the end of the Canaanite child sacrifice religion the end of pedophilia and the and the reclassification of pedophilia and these sorts of crimes as capital crimes punishable by death that’s the goal that’s the new world a rebuilt economy a rebuilt Nation a rebuilt world together we the people coming into our own in all different sectors and segments of society reclaiming Health Care reclaiming law reclaiming business and finance reclaiming the retail consumer space reclaiming the hospitality consumer space reclaiming Academia these are the goals they will attempt to distract obfuscate and terrorize us with what capabilities they still have left we will not let that happen the digital Army is fierce and lethal we destroy their narratives in hours and they can’t stand it so as we go forward through this process understand that false flags are coming understand that those desperation moves are coming that they have to understand that they’re going to lose control of the financial system over the coming weeks and months that they’re going to lose control optically they’ve already lost control in the background to a great extent but we’re bleeding out the rest of their resources and they’re almost dry as we go through this process of taking over the rest of the dark currency of of making sure that there is no capability to fund um this sort of criminality and to fund these evil governmental entities throughout the world as that happens they lose their best card they lose their best capability how do you pay migrant Caravans how do you pay mercenaries well you use cash how do you pay individuals off at the shipyard to be mums the word about things like children being trafficked in containers use cash when it’s worthless and when it’s expended and it’s no longer available a tremendous amount of the lower level mules these uh sort of useful idiots that they have will come over to our side because it’s simply disadvantageous for them to continue genuine criminality and they will be held to account for whatever portions and parties they had in different um you know human rights abuses and severe criminal Behavior as well but as we go through this process it is existential for our enemy and it is existential for us and there’s way more of us than there are them I hope that you are encouraged by that I hope that you take some time to step outside and appreciate just how vibrant the sun is just how vibrant the birds chirping in the trees are I hear the birds now every morning as I go out on my back porch it’s a beautiful sound they’re not bothered at all they understand that Yahweh wins they understand that the creator has already established himself and and into the future for generations to come they already understand that there is no um extinction level event that will happen for Humanity there is only the extinction of the deep State that’s not to say that we haven’t lost Millions on this journey it’s not to say that we haven’t had a costly bloody Savage War over the last seven to eight years it’s not to say any of that right it’s to appreciate the fact that because of what we have lived through Humanity will never have to live through this again our children will never inherit a world that is stacked against them and seeks to destroy them different nations around the world will never again be manipulated into poverty and destitution resources around the world will be properly valued the posterity of different you know Nations around the world not only in the U.S and not only in Europe but all around our Earth will be safeguarded as we go through this process and nature already knows it so as we spend some time in nature and we spend some time in God we find that peace that surpasses all understanding and it is going to be necessary to handle the events to come we must be calm we must be sharp we must understand that it is needed to continues to tell us it had to be done this way it really really did we were never going to get all of humanity into the fold and all of Humanity on board with the things that we have to know that we have to understand that we have to acknowledge are true it was never going to happen any other way it has we have to go through this process and we must see it through to the end and we will I love all of you out there I know that it’s tough we suffer in this home just as you suffer in yours we have difficulties in this home just as you have in yours the recovery period from my surgery for example has been made particularly arduous by the inability to do very simple things that would be easily available and easily accessible and likely easily recoverable if we had military level technology medical beds Sonic healing things like this that had already been released right it would be amazing and yet we do not we suffer just like you do but we suffer knowing that there is a true Paradise ahead for us that there is a golden age that there is a period in human history that we are going to inaugurate and begin and force to happen we’re going to bring an era of suffering and pain to a complete end it will never again be it will never be this way in this world ever again light winds love wins We the People win and we win because God wins so Patriots as you go out there today as you run your errands as you hug your children as you

as you appreciate who you really are before the Creator as you get in touch with the spirit that creates worlds that sustains you right here and now appreciate that you are powerful and draw confidence Comfort security and peace from it appreciate who and what you are teach your children who and what they are get in touch with nature it’s the perfect expression of God’s love nature never toils against itself it works in perfect balance and harmony and it is supposed to work in perfect balance and harmony with us

take some time today take a few deep breaths and appreciate the next phases they’re coming and we will be ready I’ll be back with each of you again soon this is espionage thanks bye-bye



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膨大な量の情報開示とDクラスが、本当に追いつくのが難しい速度で起こっているのは確かに困難です ダーラム報告書などの報道を通じて現在提示されている決定的な証拠を定量化する他の議会調査 主流メディアさえも今では真実の特定の側面を報道し始めている


すみません、今日はあまり時間を無駄にするつもりはありません、実はあまり時間がありません、これがこの特定のレコーディングでの 3 回目の試みで、私はなんとか小さなものを手に入れました


私たちが調べているのは、私たちが知っている個人によって作られている つながりの一部です。 Qに関与していると言うべきではありませんが、確かにトランプ大統領の真実のソーシャル、ダンス・カビノの真実のソーシャルインスタグラムやツイッターなどを通じて、ドロップのようなものに付随的またはほぼ結びついています


我々が望むなら、実際にはすでに長い間静かに進行していた第三次世界大戦が、非常に大きなものになりつつ あります より公の場での物語と、より一層の公の脅威

ここ数日間、日本には俳優のジョー・バイデンという偽の滞在者がいる 米国の銀行セクターは歴史上かつて見たことのないレートで資金を流出させ続けている JPモルガンが全米の銀行口座を凍結、そして主に赤系保守派が我々国民の地域でこれは開かれている



すべてのセクターが正しい銀行業と金融業法 政府の軍隊など 彼らを本当に光の中に引き出すために 彼らにカードをプレイするよう強制する 隠されたカードを開けるよう強制する


それから私たちはそれを公共の場に向けて、公共の物語を絶対的な真実に向けて強制することができるので、その線に沿って先に進み、ロシアについて最初に話すつもりですが、いくつかのこと があります



事実はロシアであり、この紛争がすべて終わるまでに彼らは本質的にロシアへの再加盟を計画する必要があるということについては、この番組でしばらく話してきましたが、最初にその話題を持ち出したのは今年の2月か3月に遡ると 思います。







もちろん、これらの地域では 、このようなことが起きているということを覚えておく価値がある。



先祖代々の血統である という事実を言い訳にはしないでください。



バルト三国、NATOバルト三国、フィンランド、そしてもちろんウクライナ地域の国境沿いに核搭載可能な爆撃機15機以上を配備するなど、 ロシアの軍事活動が大規模に強化されており、 これはベルガラド地域への侵入 とほぼ同時に行われている。

ロシアではここ数日間、ウクライナ過激派が英国諜報機関の支援を受けてMI6とCIAが関与していると推測するが、それを証明することはできていないが、確かにMI6がロシア国境 への侵攻と侵入を支援していることは間違いない



米国やその他の地域では、しかし、ご存知のとおり、ここ米国では、はるかに異なるシナリオがあり 、国民としてそれがどれほど重要であるかを 明確に理解するために、私たちはこれが起こることを実際に容認しているのです。

国家はその洗脳を捨てて、 領土主権を要求し強制すること、国境を尊重すること、国境を尊重すること、移民移住のための法的手続きを強制すること、このような性質のものは非人道的ではないこと、反自由ではないことを理解する必要があります。



テロリストの侵入に対処する 軍隊の侵入に対処する 軍事化されたレジスタンスの軍事化されたゲリラ戦 それが終わる前に世界中のさまざまな分野で起こるだろう




ロシア軍、ロシアの戦争機械 、国の工業生産能力が大幅に強化されていることはわかっています





太平洋の海軍資産 過去3~5週間以内に、ロシアの潜水艦が実際に世界中のすべての主要な海洋戦域 に配備されていることを示す証拠がある





Q は、私たちがその象徴性を彼らに向けていることを思い出させますが、その象徴性の多くは、運動空間 それは現実世界のものになるでしょう



文脈の歴史レンズを適用すると ええと歴史レンズに立ち返れば この旅の途中のある時点で 米国は最高潮に達するだろう。






これを視覚的に行うと、Twitter などの情報エンジンに表示されると、Google を使用できないことがわかります。

Google プラットフォームを利用してこの種の情報を見つけることは、実際には不可能です。

それは、Google プラットフォームが非常に厳しく管理され、多大な影響を受けているためです。


来ます、入国を失礼します。そしてもちろん、ロシア禁止オバマ大統領と入力したい場合は、Google 検索エンジンを使用してください。まったく結果がありませんでした。それが事実ではないことはわかっています。それが真実ではないことはわかっています。

だから、調査したときのことを思い出してください。Twitter は 、このような多くのオープンソース情報を見つけるのに 最適なフォーラムです。

dot gov の Web サイト、 の Web サイト

数年前に遡って、オンラインに保存されている記録を強調表示しています。デジタル化されているのはご存知でしょうが、 そう言うべきではないかもしれません。

影響を受けないが 、サイバースペースエリア、世界のサイバースペースアリーナを通過するクローラーをなんとかすり抜け、なんとかレーダーの下に留まっている人は、 ロシア軍にそのアプローチを取ると、多くの素晴らしい情報を見つけることができます




そのようなことを確認することはできませんが、 モロー・プールがそうであったのと同じように、バフムートが膨大な量のバイオテロリズムの本拠地になったと言えるでしょう


象徴的、バッハ騒動からちょうど 1 年、または失礼ですが、道徳プールがロシア軍に落ちてから、バフムート市ができました。それは非常に大きな都市、または以前は非常に大きな都市でした。

非常に産業能力の高いアリーナ センターは、多くの活動の中心です。

もちろんその地域には 多くの人身売買地下基地があったが、ちょうど1年後にヤギサンごとにワーグナーグループの手に落ちた。

そして、荷馬車労働者は 6月末までに作戦戦闘状態に戻らないだろうと述べた。

これは強調する価値があると思う これは、 ほんの数週間前に弾薬の入手可能性、戦闘能力と戦闘資産の入手可能性に関して大量の偽情報を使用したのと同じパゴサンであり、私たちはそのような引き出しがウクライナ過激派軍を一種の塹壕解除に後押しするのを見ました


作戦は非常に早く再開されるウラジミール・プーチン大統領は、実際にはこの特別な軍事作戦がその向こう側に来るものを停止する 月として7月を予定している


もし私たちが本当に第三次世界大戦スタイルの光学機器を大衆に普及させるつもりなら、 NATOはもっと積極的に関与するだろうし、私はそれが当てはまると信じている

特別な スパイ活動の要素が標的を絞った外科手術である可能性が非常に高い


中東への確かな関与 確かに中国との同盟への関与 中国が太平洋戦域で行うであろうことのためにそれはすぐに発表される予定ですので、太平洋戦域に関する議論のようなものですので


日本の防衛省があります この地域にいるロシアの艦船 を特定しています

これはほんの数日前のことです RFS 銀色に光る船と RFS の汚れた船とドゥブナ級の給油業者が先週の金曜日に日本海で言及しました



我々はUSSを持っているロナルド・レーガン アメリカの水陸両用ウー打撃群は現在、日本本土のすぐ南に駐留しており、ウーか沖縄基地の近​​くに近づいています

韓国のすぐ南の地域に米潜水艦が進入しています ニミッツはすぐ北にいます マレーシアとフィリピン人がいます







これに責任のある医療軍産複合体 それは実際にDARPAに遡りCIAに遡り米国国防総省に遡る

これらは非常に卑劣な犯罪であり、これらは最も劇的な犯罪の一部であり、これまでに記録されているが、軍閥の量には及ばないほどの人道に対する広範な犯罪 、米国とその他の国々、特にNATO諸国、そして実際には植民地後のヨーロッパにおけるさまざまな軍部の傭兵スタイルの活動

この時代は、それらの複合体の結果として国民国家全体に何が行われたかについてすら触れ始めていないので、今でも関与している俳優たちは、例えば偽のバイデン政権に忠誠を誓う俳優やロスチャイルド王朝に忠誠を誓う俳優、あるいはNATOやその他の地域のさまざまな政府を管理している 中央銀行スターたち



これらの出来事が拡大するのを見ることになるだろう、ということを強調する 価値がある。





なぜなら、我々が軍事的にNATOの権限を剥奪すると同時に、経済的にも彼らの権限を剥奪することになるので、我々は軍産複合体が戦争を継続する能力を 麻痺させているのだ。

しかし、彼らは 、隠れたセル、スリーパーセル、スパイセルを含む、まだ制御できる資産、能力、装備、忠誠心などを使用して、 全体的な勝利、私たち国民が求める全体的な正義 を阻止するために、これらすべてをさまざまな領域に配置するでしょう。

彼らは失敗するだろうが、注目に値するのは、失敗する前に、これらのカードを非常に慎重にプレイする必要がある ということだ。


すでにその一部がさまざまな国家 として公共の場で展開され始めているのを目にしている。



オーストラリアもファイブ・アイズ・ネイションであるアメリカも、ファイブ・アイズ・ネイションであるアメリカであることを 知っています。


バイオテロ と児童の人身売買、人身売買、奴隷の密輸、人口のさまざまな部分がこの陰謀団によって完全に殺されたため、世界のさまざまな地域で開催された強制奴隷制バザール、ニューギニアをご存知ですか


軍の傭兵産業複合体が可能にし、保護してきたものと同様に、天候や海洋などのことを考慮すると、これらの信じられないほどの犯罪に参加した世界中の航路のすべてが、どこにいてもすべての公海を安全に通過することは 不可能です。



これらの企業海運会社が、光学的に民間海運会社と呼ばれるものが、さまざまな海軍による支援なしで、そして確かに 政府によるさまざまな時点での支援 なしで、そのレベルの運航の完全性、運航の安全性を維持できた 可能性はありません。





ここアメリカ合衆国の政治状況はますます悲惨になり続けている ここアメリカ合衆国の社会構造はさらに過激化し続けている



アメリカを再び偉大にするマガ運動の熱烈な支持者 この運動を見るのは難しいからです




米国内の個人の何パーセントかは、私たちがその数字に向かって順調に進んでいることを明確に理解して参加しています この70パーセント、そしてこの80パーセントについて多くの人が非常に憤慨しています


私はこのプログラムで 80 パーセントが必要だと一度も主張したことはありません90 パーセント以上でなければならないといつも言ってきました

Q によると、90 パーセント以上であることを逆算すると 4 ~ 6 パーセントが永久に失われるそうです それはただの事実です

80パーセントでは不十分です 人口の20パーセントは大覚醒に参加していません

特に米国内で行われている軍事作戦が公になった場合に 80パーセントでは、ええと国民全体の人口動態をヘッジするには十分ではありません

私たち国民は、特に この軍事政権下の米国で利用することができた特定の情報媒体や特定の法律を除いて、この軍事占領下で私たちが膨大な量の情報を持っていることを考えると、混乱に対する全体的な社会構造を支えています。



トランプ大統領と二層司法制度に対する攻撃 司法制度の客観性の完全な失敗 アメリカ国民を守る司法制度の失敗はすべてその結果の一部です


調査に基づくと、私たちは ジョージア州から出てくると信じている。 その分野で私たちが見ている行動パターン、そして


元大統領を性犯罪で告発したのと同じように、また 元大統領に金を 告発したのと同じように、扇動的な陰謀だ 金融犯罪とマネーロンダリングのような性質のもの ああ、脱税だ 実際の告訴内容は何だったと思うが、戻らなければならない

頭のてっぺんに もう一度チェックを入れた 覚えていないが、元大統領にこのようなことをすることで、我々は前に進み、このすべてをもう一度行うための前例を確立しているが、正しい方法で行う

オバマ大統領は国家反逆罪の扇動陰謀正確さ ジョー・バイデン元副大統領と今は亡き国家反逆罪の扇動陰謀 元国務長官ヒラリー・クリントンは現在亡くなっていますが、国家反逆の扇動陰謀は正しいので、この点から前進するにあたり、我々は容認しており、トランプ大統領は自らがその犯罪者であることを容認していると 思います スケープゴート

私たちがこれらのことを紙に書き留めた最初の瞬間 私たちはそれらを法と判例に成文化します 私たちは司法当局がこの種の出来事を執行する理由を与えます

後で私たちがそれを呼びたいものは何でも 罪に問えます



どこでもそのプロセスが実際に全面的に表れているのを私たちは見ています ああ、選挙違反が法廷で行われてきました 私たちが経験した中絶問題が法廷で行われてきました

憲法修正第 2 条と多くの議論がありました、修正第 2 条を 支持し擁護してきた人々はここ 2 ~ 3 年で出てきましたか?

それらはすべて法廷を通過しました、ダーラム報告書の結果として、FISA はこれから法廷手続きに関与することになります。

そして、FISAは真の法廷、つまり私たち国民に対して利用され、非常に長い間ディープステートを守るために利用されてきた 真の最高裁判所として発掘されるだろう。

なぜなら、FISAは FBIとCIAを通して実際にFBIを通じて 暴露されているからである。




Q は、FISA が家を崩壊させると伝えています。

私にはそれが何を意味するのか正確に 意見する資格はありません が、それが物語空間に登場するのを見るのは非常に興奮していますが、それは完全には登場しません。



私たちがアメリカ人として苦しんでいるとき、私たちアメリカ人が選挙から何が起こり得るのかを学んでいるとき、そしてアメリカ人として詐欺的な政府の政策、詐欺的な政権、満州の候補者、そして周りの他の多くの国々の政策を 直接経験しているとき、それを認めようと思います。


他の多くの人々、何億人もの人々が、ここ数年間、 間違いなくここ数年間アメリカ政府によって他の西西諸国や他のNATO諸国と協力して支えられ、そこに置かれた不当な詐欺政府の手によって苦しみ、命を落としてきました

何世紀も前からですが、確かに過去100年ほどの間に、私たちがここ米国で経験しているのと全く 同じ理由で、世界中で膨大な量の苦しみが起こっています


私たちは自分たちの汚名を晴らしている、私たちは自分たちの名誉を晴らしている、私たちは 同じような状況を 生きている


率直に言って、それは必ずしも個人ベースで彼らの中で議論すべきことではありませんが、もし私たちがアメリカ人として自分自身を引き出す ことができないのであれば、 自分自身の苦しみから、自分自身のレンズから自分自身を取り出すことができなければ


もし私たちがより大きな全体の一部であることを学ばなければ、そして私たちは去ります、そして私たちは この大覚醒よりも はるかに高いレベルで、はるかに美しいレベルで、そのより大きな全体に参加してください

この大覚醒は実際にはすべて無駄でした、ええと、私たちはより大きな全体の一部です、私たちは単なる孤立主義者ではありません、それを言うの は残りの人類に対して失礼です

それは腐敗した政府の手によって亡くなった何百万もの人々に対して失礼なことだ、それは我々のせいではない、ドイツ国民のせいではない、英国のせいではない、それはそうではなかったカナダ国民のせい それは確かにアメリカ国民のせいではなかったが、私たちの政府は信じられないほどの悪意と悪を自ら引き起こし、それを世界中で永続させたので、何らかの形での償いが必要だ


トランプ大統領は2017年に これになったものを構築するために世界中を回っていたとき、絶対にこれを知っていたでしょう

同盟では誰もが何らかのパイの一部を持っていなければなりませんでしたが、信頼も必要でしたし、約束も必要でした、相互尊重が必要でした 、ある文化、ある民族、ある国から別の文化への感謝の気持ちがなければなりませんでした

私たちはここ米国でも、西側諸国でも、フランスでも、ドイツでも、オーストリアでも、イタリアでも、イギリスでも、その他の国 でも、このプロセスを経ています。

私たちは本当に大きな敬意をもって浄化されており、 残りの国々の 尊敬を取り戻しています。

このプロセスを一緒に経験しながら、世界と実際の自分自身について、私たちが 自分自身の利己主義や苦しみから自分自身を解放し、私たち全員がどれほど絡み合っているか、どれほど相互につながっているかを理解できるとき、それは実際には本当に美しいことです

私たちは本当に一つです私たちが持っている世界中の人々は主権者としてのアイデンティティを持っています 私たちは主権国家の起源を持っています 私たちが非常に誇りに思っている国の歴史と正しい国家の誇りを持っていますが、実際には私たちは皆一つです

私たちは人生において私たちが信じている国民です 私たちが信じているもの 子どもたち の保護

私たちは戦争の根絶を信じています、私たちはガスライティングの根絶を信じています 国家転覆とスパイ戦争の根絶を信じています

私たちは自由で公正な貿易を信じています 私たちはお互いに平等な競争の場を持つことを信じています




私がいる場所のガソリン価格がさらに 62 セント値上がりしました 、それは必ずしも私が喜ぶことではありません

つい最近、私が 住んでいる コミュニティの真実をソーシャルに投稿しました


私たちがこのプロセスを経験していると、絶対に貧困に見えます 道路はひどい形になっています

インフラは崩壊しつつあります 中小企業の現場はマネーロンダリング で完全に破壊されています 洗車やさまざまな学校プロジェクトで汚職が全面的に表れています、それは政府であり銀行であり大手製薬会社です

ご存知 のように 私たちはここ数年でここに新しい診療所を 3 つか 4 つ建設しました


皆さんと一緒にいます 汚職を見せつけます 近親相姦の権利を見せつけます 実際に何が起こっているかを見せつけます

地域経済は麻痺し雇用は本当に破壊されています なぜなら私たちは産業ではなく洗車場を作っているからです なぜなら私たちは銀行機関を作っているからですあるいは倉庫 、あるいは、道端に消えた さまざまな経済インフラを活性化する代わりに、保管不動産や保管建物が知られています。

それが全米で展示されているのを私たちは目にしていますが、でも私が戻ろうとしているのは、人々が注目し始めているので、ある意味では 心強いことです



そして、正直に言って、その数字はさらに高くなる可能性があると思います、これらの数字は主に中傷され、めちゃくちゃにされている世論調査から得られたものであるため、残りの期間を 継続する中で、わずか3年で信じられないほどの進歩です

今年も、これらの軍事作戦 が世界の残りの地域で開始されるのを見て、 私たちが息を呑んで待ち続ける間、眠っている人々を眠りから揺さぶるのに役立ちます

そしてアメリカと北米の 両方で金融イベントが起こるのを見るでしょう金融セクターとビジネスセクターだけでなく、ヨーロッパとアジアの多くの経済と市場行動に主に責任を負っているブレトンウッズ体制全体も、 私たちは彼らが参加するのを見ることになるでしょう、そして私たちは人々を見ることになるでしょう











保険契約書を読んだ ことがありますか、それはまさに彼らが実生活でどのように機能するかです、まさに彼らが情報空間に展開する戦術です




強制されました、私たちが多くの人々で見てきたように、私たちが再び私たちに対して 武器として同情心を持たれることはありませんでした。







グアンタナモ湾が犯行に及んだことを知っています 過去3〜5年間、 世界中で軍事的に最も活発な拠点の1つであり、米国の刑務所があることを知る前よりもはるかに優れています。

米国海兵隊のキャンプが燃え盛る そこに同盟の刑務所があると言えると思います

グアム 南極諸島には軍事利用されている刑務所が少なくとも一つあることを我々は知っている


このすべてが一般公開に向けて構築されつつある 公共的な変化 を起こすことはできるが、その公共的な変化は有能な感覚でなければならない



彼らはすぐにプログラムに戻ってしまうから 私たちにはできない 私たちにはできない私たちの顔にもかかわらず、私たちの足を撃ってください、私たちが望むなら、私たちが得た進歩を失うことを犠牲にして、私たちが正しいことを証明することはできません


さまざまな愛国者軍やさまざまな国の人々が、 文字通り毎日、 命をかけて、

現実世界の動的なインフラ、資産、設備、能力を根絶するために、このディープステートがなんとかまとめ、隠し てきた研究を根絶しようとしているのです。



津波が発生しています USGSや 世界中の他の地質調査によって津波警報が発令され始めています

世界のさまざまな地域の沿岸地域や島沖で非常に大きなマグニチュードの地震が発生しています 私たちは皆知っています




ユニオン・パシフィック鉄道の列車から6万ポンドの爆発物がなくなっている ユニオン・パシフィックはブラックロックとバンガードが所有しているの

だから、彼らは 暴露されている児童の人身売買から距離を置こうとしているのと同じ人物だ






情報をコントロールするには、私たちはシャットダウンしなければなりません メインニュースか、代替ニュースをメインストリームに限定する必要があります

彼らはマガが人を殺すつもりだと彼らは言っています マガはテロリストです

このようなことを準備しているので 彼らは準備をしていますナラティブ空間に種をまき、先ほど爆発物で強調した現実世界の動的な出来事があり、FDA、衛星電話、これらの動的な出来事がリアルタイムで現実世界で起こっており、彼らがまさにそのために準備していることを私たちに示しています

私はしばらくの間、本当に大規模な偽旗事件が米国本土で起こるだろうとは9月に遡ると言い始めました えー、Qは私たちに、核偽旗事件の詳細を記した『すべての恐怖の総和』という本を読んでよく知るようにと言っています

米国中のいくつかの異なる爆弾といくつかの異なる大規模スポーツスタジアムダーティボムそのようなものを見る可能性はありますが、注目に値するのは、60,000ポンドのあらゆる種類の爆発物であり、それは 非常 に大きなものになるでしょう。




常に最も野蛮である、それは常に最も遠くに到達するものである、私たちが望むなら、あなたは最も多くの絶望を見る ことになるでしょう

万歳、メアリーズ 、最後の戦いの結果、敵が放っておいたものは何でも 投げられる、戦争は終わった、勝利者がいる、敗者がいる、そして敗者の犯罪や犯罪行為が何であれ、敗者は責任を問われるだろう


歴史上初めて彼らは負けることになるのです、彼らが考えもしなかったまさにその敵に対して彼らは負けることに なるのです

彼らは、自分たちがコントロール下にあり、彼らの言いなりになっていると 常に信じていた脅威をもたらすとは考えてもみなかったまさにその個人の手によって、彼らは負けるだろう






宗教の終焉、小児性愛とその種の犯罪の終焉、そして小児性愛とその種の犯罪の 再分類 死刑に値する死刑犯罪として

それが目標だ それが新しい世界

再建された経済 再建された国家 再建された世界を共にする 私たち国民は、社会のあらゆる分野や分野で

自分たちのものを取り戻す 医療を取り戻す 法律を取り戻す

ビジネスと金融を取り戻す 小売を取り戻す消費者空間でホスピタリティを取り戻す


これらが彼らの注意をそらそうとする目標だ 彼らがまだ残している能力で私たちを曖昧にし恐怖を与える 私たちはそんなことは許さない

デジタル軍は獰猛で致命的である 私たちは彼らの物語を数時間で破壊する



彼らは 、今後数週間、数か月で金融システムの制御を失うことになることを理解する必要があります。

彼らは光学的に制御を失うことになるでしょう 彼らは既にバックグラウンドでかなりの程度まで制御を失っていますが、私たちは彼らの残りのリソースを使い果たしており、

残りのリソースを引き継ぐこのプロセスを 経ている間に、彼らはほとんど枯渇しています


移民キャラバンにどうやって給料を払うのか 傭兵たちにどうやって給料を払うのか 現金を上手に使うのか

造船所で働いている人たちに、コンテナで人身売買されている子供のようなことについて母親になるために どうやって給料を払うのか現金は価値のないときに 使い、使い果たしてもう手に入らないときは、膨大な量の下層ラバどもが持っている、ああ、便利なバカどもが我々の側に来るだろう


彼らがさまざまな立場でどのような部分や関係者を持っていたとしても責任を問われる必要があります 、

人権侵害や重大な犯罪行為も同様に知っています が、私たちがこのプロセスを経験するとき、それは敵にとっても私たちにとっても存立的なものであり、私たちにはさらに多くのものがあります

彼らがいるよりも、あなたがそのことで励まされることを願っています 時間をかけて外に出て、太陽がどれほど活気に満ちているか、木々の鳥のさえずりがどれほど活気に満ちているかを理解してほしいと思います

毎朝、行くときに鳥の声が聞こえます裏庭から出てくると、美しい音だ 彼らはまったく気にしていない

彼らはヤハウェが勝利することを理解している 彼らは創造主がすでに自分自身を確立しており、今後何世代にもわたって未来に向けて確立していることを理解している

彼らはすでに 絶滅レベルの出来事など 存在しないことを理解している

それは人類に起こるだろう あるのはディープステートの滅亡だけだ


過去7〜8年間、犠牲を伴う血なまぐさい戦争がなかったというわけではない それが正しいと言うわけ ではなく

私たちが生きてきたことのおかげで、人類は二度とこの状況を経験する必要はなくなり私たちの子供たちが彼らに敵対し、世界中のさまざまな国を破壊しようとしている 世界を引き継ぐことは決してないという事実を理解する必要があります

世界は再び貧困や貧困に操作されることはありません 世界中の資源が適切に評価されます


このプロセスを通して、そして自然はすでにそれを知っているので、私たちが自然の中で時間を過ごし、神の中で時間を過ごすとき、私たちはすべての理解を超えた平和であることに気づき、 これから起こる 出来事に対処する必要があることに気づきます。





そこにいるあなたたち全員を愛して います あなたがあなたの家で苦しんでいるのと同じように、私たちもこの家で苦しんでいることは知っています





それは驚くべきことですが、私たちはあなたと同じように苦しんでいませんが、私たちはそれを 知って苦しんでいます

私たちの前には真の楽園があり、黄金時代があり、人類の歴史の中で、私たちが発足し、始まり、強制的に実現させようとしている期間があり 、苦しみと苦痛の時代に完全な終止符を打つつもりです



創造主の前で自分が本当は何者であるかを認識 し、ここであなたを支えている世界を創造する

スピリットに触れ、 今、自分が力強く、自信を引き出していることを認識し、そこから安全と平安を慰め、自分が誰に、何を教えているかを認識し、自然と触れ合う子どもたち、それはまさに子どもたちを表現するのに最適です。






ジョン・ダーラム特別検察官 裏切り者の召喚を開始

Sonderermittler John Durham wird voraussichtlich am Donnerstag, 25. Mai, um 9:00 Uhr amerikanischer Zeit vor dem Justizausschuss des Repräsentantenhauses anfangen, eindeutige Beweise vorzulegen und die Verräter auch vorladen.🤓🫵

Bisher haben wir einen sehr “langen Film” gesehen…nun befinden wir uns im Abspann.😜🫵🙏

Es ist endgültig die Zeit gekommen, um alle dunklen Darsteller der Öffentlichkeit zu präsentieren.😁
By Henning Riediger

Heute sagt Rechtsanwalt Durham vor dem Kongress aus. Aus diesem Grund ist die Wahrscheinlichkeit eines Angriffs unter falscher Flagge sehr hoch.





🐉 DragonGod 👽🐯🐸🍿


…bricht alles, was darauf aufgebaut ist, zusammen

Tja, ist das Fundament mal weg…👆

Maras Welt 🌷🌷🌷




Der russische Staatschef Wladimir Putin hat offiziell und unmissverständlich den Aufbau eines alternativen (dezentralen) Finanzsystems zum derzeitigen System angekündigt, an dem asiatische, afrikanische und lateinamerikanische Länder beteiligt sind und das der Weltwirtschaftsordnung Stabilität verleihen wird.

Meine Damen und Herren, es wird bestätigt, dass dieses System in den nächsten zwei Monaten mit einer unbestimmten Anzahl von Ländern gestartet wird: zwischen 19 als niedrigste Zahl und 81 in der höchsten Schätzung.



皆様、このシステムは今後 2 か月以内に導入される予定ですが、国の数は未定です。最低数は 19 か国、最高数は 81 か国となります。




キーボードウォリアーズ…. スカヴィーノの通信。

DJTさんのツイートが届きます?? 👀👀👀

READY?  Mr.Pool



recently they’ve been feeling satellite radios or satellite communication to Senators for use in emergencies in some of those State offices in the event of an emergency that takes out Communications are we teetering on the edge of an unprecedented communication collapse a disturbing Revelation about a Chinese cyber Onslaught has emerged paired with an ominous FDA warning about an impending internet blackout concurrently an unusual site over 50 U.S senators are now armed with satellite phones to these jigsaw pieces connect to such a darker picture is there a lurking catastrophe you were yet to grasp today we dare to pull back the veil and dig into this cryptic Enigma hold your breath and buckle up because we’re about to dive deep into this Labyrinth of this unfolding crisis stay informed and be ready for anything subscribe to enable notifications to get the latest updates

in a shocking development yesterday Microsoft unveiled in a various scheme by Chinese hackers targeting critical U.S infrastructure with fears escalating many worry that Beijing may be planning to disable Communications networks in Guam a strategic base that’s gearing up for a potential Taiwan assault known chillingly is volt typhoon these state-sponsored cyber Rogues operational since at least mid-2021 are relentlessly infiltrating critical organizations in Guam and across the United States the U.S cyber security infrastructure Security Agency is called sisa alarmingly confirmed China’s orchestration of these attacks across the gamut of government and private sector organizations sending shivers down the spine of the nation simultaneously the FDA issued an unnerving warning to Americans in a bid to quell misinformation they released a video on social media cryptically alluding to the possibility of the internet going down later this week watch are you prepared the internet is going down later this week it’s gonna be crazy find out more below the internet is going down later this week

the real truth the government refuses to tell you previous account banned for sharing the truth wait a minute this is misinformation you may be spreading misinformation unintentionally confirm the credibility of a source before contributing to the conversation to see how FDA is addressing misinformation check out our rumor control webpage wow so now the FDA is tackling misinformation but the real question is are our communication systems on the brink of failure look what’s happening in Guam is a catastrophic event eminent with the dread escalating among citizens the Revelation seemed like a harbinger of a dreadful scenario much worse than we could imagine in response to this unnerving situation U.S senators have been issued satellite phones for emergency communication over 50 Senators have accepted these devices as part of a wider security measure series implemented by the Senate sergeant in arms the intent is to keep Senators connected during disruptive events indicating in anticipation of a considerable threat Senate Sergeant arms Karen Gibson stated during last month’s Senate Appropriations Committee meeting that deploying satellite Communications is a step to ensure a redundant and secure means of communications during a disruptive event the statement indicates the looming presence of a significant threat necessitating high alertness from all Americans watch

are you prepared one in particular that I’d like to mention because it is a heavy lift for our CIO team and that is the unified Communications and collaboration system or UCC it is a major effort to implement a modern and secure Senate communications platform both on the capitol campus and at State offices Across the Nation it will create a mobile collaborative secure and unified environment that’s easy to use and supports communication and collaboration anytime anywhere and on any connected official device to include voice messaging voice to text video integration conferencing common directory contact center Mass notification and enhanced 9-1-1 connectivity are there any other initiatives or ongoing work that that you are doing with our State offices at this time I’m very proud of our state office operations center and the demonstration room has just been terrific I very much appreciate the the support from the rules committee and others to allow us to do that and really to reach out to Senators directly to show them some of the enhancements that they could have in their State offices that team is very responsive to emerging requirements whether it’s flooding Wildfire fires and other things and most recently they’ve been Fielding satellite radios or satellite communication to Senators for use in emergencies in some of those State offices in the event of an emergency that takes out Communications these phones serve as a security backstop should an emergency take out Communications in parts of America it begs a disturbing question are we under attack is there a clematous event on the horizon we urgently need clarification the Department of Homeland Security advisory endorsed satellite phones as tools to coordinate government services during a man-made or natural disaster obliterating communication could we be facing a natural catastrophe or an internal threat regardless of the cause one thing is clear we must remain Vigilant Embrace ourselves for the worse in the face of escalating Global tensions from the ongoing Russia Ukraine conflict to the recent alarming Chinese Cyber attack on key U.S infrastructure it’s not far-fetched to anticipate a potential disruption to our communication system indeed we’re journeying through an era of unprecedented uncertainty the Grim FDA warning about a looming internet blackout in the emergency satellite phones now in the hands of our leaders signify a possible significant threat on the horizon we need to remain Vigilant and prepare for any eventuality instead of blind faith in our leaders it’s in these moments of governmental ambiguity we must rely on each other our nation’s survival might just hinge on this Mutual trust and resilience let’s continue the conversation in the comments below for the next News Network I’m Gary franchi appreciate your attention to that report now let’s focus on another crucial topic your health with over half of Americans grappling with weight management it’s clear maintaining our weight isn’t easy but there’s a simple solution that might help I’ve personally been using this remarkable keto powder for a year now and it’s made a world of difference it’s facilitated healthy long-term weight loss promoted smooth digestion and energized my metabolism now is your chance to reap these benefits head over to keto with or click on more below to find the link you’ll not only save 51 but also enjoy additional bonuses to revolutionize your health in the new year so don’t miss out see you at the next report this is Gary franchi for the next News Network congratulations you made it to the end of the video now keep up your quest for truth with this next news report and if you found our Channel enlightening join the millions who agree with you tap subscribe thank you for watching the next News Network





「Vault タイフーン」と名付けられた中国国家支援のハッカーが、政府や通信機関を含む米国のさまざまな業界の「重要な」サイバーインフラを侵害



「また危機が起きるだろう。それ以上になります 重要なことなので、今からその準備を始める必要があります。この次の危機が実際に起こるとしたら、それは新型コロナウイルスで経験したことよりも早く、その影響はさらに大きくなるでしょう…」



政府が教えない本当の真実 以前のアカウントは真実の共有のために追放されました ちょっと待ってください。
これは誤報です あなたは意図せず誤報を流している可能性があります 会話に参加する前に情報源の信頼性を確認してください FDAが誤報にどのように対処しているかは、噂のコントロールのウェブページをご覧ください

さて、FDAは誤報に取り組んでいますが、本当の問題は、私たちの通信システムが故障寸前であるかです グアムで何が起きているか、市民の間で恐怖が高まっている大惨事が近づいています

驚きは恐ろしいシナリオの前触れのようでした 想像以上に悪いこの不安な状況に対応して、私たちが想像する以上にひどい状況でした











生成 AI を使用して作られたコカ・コーラのコマーシャル



ボンジョルノの美しい魂 Buongiorno beautiful souls

Keep shining your beautiful light ✨ you never know who you will inspire!✨

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