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NEW!!誰もが今すぐ準備をしなければならない 2023.6.5

prepare now listen to me please in a somber sober calming voice I’m asking you to prepare now and do not wait what does prepare mean it means get yourself some emergency food means make sure you have some cash on hand means make sure you you know you you can protect yourself and your family and whichever way makes you comfortable it means make sure you have a plan with your family about what you’re going to do in an emergency what’s the worst case scenario if you were to do this stuff worst case scenarios you have to enact that plan and at least you have one the best case scenario you have some emergency food in 10 15 years you throw in the garbage you have a plan you never use but was always there there’s no harm there may cost you a little bit of money to get some of this stuff folks why am I talking like this the spokes the signs are everywhere and ignoring them and pretending they’re not going to be there like the media is doing now because there’s a Democrat president uh is doing you a real disservice I absolutely promise you that if they were a republican in the White House whether Trump pushed DeSantis or anyone else that they would be looking at the signs around us China’s increased belligerency bank failures a potential financial crisis inflation number out today they would be telling you the apocalypse is coming tomorrow and you damn well know what I’m saying is true but because there’s a hapless rotting bag of oatmeal in the White House the most corrupt human being ever and he has a D in front of his name and they’re not ready to throw him overboard because he says he’s going to run in 2024. the media is covering up the signs that are absolutely everywhere and our government is completely entirely distracted with bull

NEW!! 【要約










自分と家族 を守るのは自分自身です 。自分が快適に過ごせる方法であれば、緊急時にどうするかについて家族と計画を立てておく必要があります。



もしホワイトハウスに共和党員がいたら、トランプがデサンティスを押しても、他の誰が押しても、私たちの周りにある兆候に目を向けると思います。中国の好戦的な銀行破綻 、金融危機の可能性、インフレの可能性を今日明らかにする



彼が2024年に出馬すると言っているからといって、 彼らは彼を船外に放り出す準備ができていない。


NEW!!【RV情報】MarkZ  2023.6.6

oh well trying to catch it Mark militia man mentioned the drop date was June 1st but we now have a new date any idea what that date is um

can you tell them hesitant to answer that one I’m told that drop that date is June 6 which is tomorrow that’s what I’ve been told by a number of my sources and I just hope it’s accurate I don’t want you guys to ride the roller coasters so but it’s going to be on the boards if I’m hearing it it’s going to be there so I think it’d be irresponsible not to discuss it I’m told that drop dead date is tomorrow and that’s why I have great expectations for the week I think we are going to see some exciting things throughout the week

ああ、それを捕まえようとしています マーク民兵の男が投下日が6月1日だと言いましたが、今新しい日付がわかりました、その日付が何かわかりますか、ええと、その日に答えるのをためらっていると伝えてもらえますか 投下日は6月6日 だと言われています 明日はそれだと多くの情報源から聞いたので、それが正確であることを祈るばかりです


皆さんにはジェットコースターに乗ってほしくないのですが、 もし私が聞いて いるのなら、それは板に載るでしょうそこに行く予定なので、それについて話し合わないのは無責任だと思う

ドロップデッドデーは明日だと聞いているので、 今週は大きな期待を寄せている一週間を通していくつかのエキサイティングな出来事が見られると思う

got a lot of good stuff have you not had the opportunity yet Melissa Mann does a great winter recording with Angel one and knocks it out of the park gets into what expect the anticipation uh over the next few coming days and this week specifically uh a lot of activity I’m getting the same reports I am getting inundated with we are to see massive movement this week also a little fear-mongering out there that to expect a false flag of biblical proportions this week I hope that is not accurate but I’m getting it from a lot of folks I’m getting it from active military I’m getting it from politicians I’m getting it from you know the crazy 10 10 foil hat people uh as well so just be prepared and don’t don’t overreact when to say that now let’s get back to this uh a Nader posts an article on the uh IQD uh exchange rate Etc basically showing now he’s tired I get it he’s tired but showing the fluctuations Etc this is to be expected to keep us off balance oil surges after Saudis making additional 1 million barrels per day voluntary production cut to try to put values up now to me this is important guys because Iraq’s value is affected by oil the more oil is per barrel the more they can justify in pricing and the quicker they can do their revaluation so I think this is important I think this may be a move to help support their neighbors value and their own of course so I just thought that one was important Fitch is warning that it could still lower America’s credit rating despite the resolution of the debt ceiling it was only a matter of time households of the government is buried in debt we all see it coming for anybody that’s paying attention we are on the cusp all right now we’ll get into it Bond folks sitting at the ready uh with Great Hopes for today and tomorrow um

not hearing anything yet this morning out of my folks at redemption centers I guess what I’m saying is it’s Monday morning it’s still very quiet we should expect a lot of news throughout the day today as things ramp up after the weekend uh stay buckled up be ready Etc

良いものはたくさんあるよ まだ機会がなかったの? メリッサ・マンがエンジェル・ワンで素晴らしい冬のレコーディングをして、それを公園からノックアウト して、今後数日間、特に今週は期待が高まりますね


たくさんの人たちからもらっている 私は現役の軍人たちからもらっている政治家からもらっている 君たちも知っている、10 10 のホイル帽をかぶっているクレイジーな人たちからももらっている


さて、これに戻りましょう、ネイダーが IQD 為替レートに関する記事を投稿します 基本的に今彼が疲れていることを示しています 私は理解しています


これは 私たちを維持することが期待されています サウジが日量100万バレルの追加自主減産を行った後、バランスの取れていない石油が高騰し、価値を私に提示しようとしているが、これは重要なことだ。

イラクの価値は石油に影響されるため、1バレルあたりの石油が多ければ多いほど、彼らは価格設定を正当化できるし、 彼らは再評価を より早く行うことができるので、これは重要だと思います


フィッチは、米国の信用格付けをさらに下げる可能性があると警告しています 債務上限が 解決されたにもかかわらず、政府の家計が借金に埋もれるのは時間の問題だった

注目している人なら誰にでもそれが訪れるのは誰もが予想している 我々はまさに瀬戸際に立っている




私が言いたいのは、月曜日の朝でまだとても静かです 、今日は一日中たくさんのニュースが期待できるはずです 週末が終わると物事が加速するから、シートベルトを締めて準備を整えておいてください。

フィルさん投稿 2023.6.4

Championship Round

11 shooters

2 finalists


Phil Godlewski 3.0


11 人の射手

ファイナリスト 2 名

PG = チャンピオン 🏆


【ゲマトリア】Championship Round







For Green(※Goサイン)


11 shooters・2 finalists】※ゲマトリアだけではなく数字も重要です


6月13日 ※6月4日~6月13日まで?




【ゲマトリア】11 shooters 2 finalists



【ゲマトリア】PG = CHAMP





POTUS の Twitter 削除は偶然ではありませんでした (数時間前に言及したように)。









well tonight the nation’s intelligence agencies are a warning of cyber threats from Russia and are urging U.S critical infrastructure defenses to be reinforced as cbs’s Bill Whitaker reported on Sunday night 60 Minutes it wouldn’t take much to throw the entire country Into Darkness the grid is a sprawling Target there are actually three in the U.S the eastern western and Texas has its own most of us rarely notice substations there are 55 000 across the country each housing Transformers the workhorses of the grid inside these massive metal boxes raw electricity is converted to higher or lower voltages

the Transformer explode like this one in Manhattan during superstorm Sandy the system is designed to trigger a localized grid preserving blackout but if several sections of the grid go down at the same time the shutdowns can Cascade like dominoes that’s what set off the great Northeast blackout in 2003 leaving 45 million Americans without power a few months before the assault on Metcalf John wellinghoff of ferc commissioned a study to see if a physical attack on critical Transformers could trigger cascading blackouts it was actually a very shocking result to us that there’s very few number of substations you need to take out in the entire United States to knock out the entire grid knock out the entire grid that’s correct how many would it take to knock out putting the entire country in a blackout less than 20. and Bill Whitaker joins us now so Bill just 20 substations to knock out the entire system I mean that’s unbelievable but your reporting is it could be even less than that that’s right Nora that report was from 2013 and it actually found the number was even lower nine taking out just nine critical substations could black out the whole country we were

さて今夜、国の諜報機関はロシアからのサイバー脅威を警告し、 CBSのビル・ウィテカー氏が日曜夜の60ミニッツで国全体を暗闇に投げ込むのにそれほど時間はかからないと報じたように、米国の重要インフラの防御を強化するよう促している。

広大なターゲット 実際には米国の東部と西部とテキサス州に3つある ほとんどの人はめったに気づかない 変電所は全米に5万5000あり、それぞれの変電所が収容されている


2003年の北東部の停電では、メトカーフ襲撃の数カ月前に 4,500万人のアメリカ人が停電した。



送電網全体を破壊するには米国全土で変電所の数が少数必要です 送電網全体を破壊するのは正しいです





Graham Hodsdon 新しい生活様式に移行するのに5年間ある

the new Financial system that is coming is not the fix yet what we are going into is the transition we are transitioning steadily from this corrupt system to a fair balanced ecosystem where countries get their sovereignty back where all this debt that’s built over the years is getting wiped and yes there will be cash at the minute and yes there will be Banks because I’ve been waiting to hear stuff about mortgages so they’re saying that there will still be mortgages but there’s none of that fee from before it’s literally like a one percent administration fee because the banks will have some money because obviously there will still need to be some use for the banks but they won’t hold all that money anymore we have full control of our money but there’s still going to be things that we might want to do um but the end goal they reckon in five years time is there will be no more Banks there will be no no more need for them because you’ve got that five years of transitioning to a new way of life um this whole movement we’re going through is abundance in the fact that you will be able to live your life when you hear abundance that’s not money um it means that you will be able to live because we are not living at the minute we are surviving we are surviving on this system that they set up on purpose to be the way it is so we’re moving and transitioning to a new way of life of abundance and focus on Humanity instead of power and greed can you imagine how far ahead we will be in five with all these restrictions taken away with all these things held in US holding us back taken away with the fact that there will be no more Wars and people have gone how could there be no laws think about it the only reason there is ever a war is because somebody has something that somebody wants and most of the wars have been generated by the US anyway for some sort of power or control reason um in recent years so there will be no Wars because there will be no need because every country will have what it needs there will be no more suppression of information because most of mainstream media will be gone um you will have a whole new way of life and like I said within five years there will be no need for any more cash cash is being kept because it keeps us in control so if you think about the reason why the cbdc were pushing no cash is because they wanted full control as it is at the minute but in this transition period that we go through where all this control is taken away and we move to more decentralized that’s the key that’s the word of the the time that we’re in at the minute we are being decentralized we are being looking after our own money we’re gaining our sovereignty back we are gaining control of our country’s back remember the government was supposed were elected to do what we needed them to do not the other way around and that’s where it’s gone the corrupt uh families gain control of all these governments through bribery and Corruption and and began dictating to us how they wanted us to live all that is being removed so every country will be trading amongst themselves because not every country has every sort of asset that they need um and then we all have control of our own money because it is in our own accounts the reason why I say the cash will eventually be removed because we literally don’t need cash but the minute it’s going to help transition people to a new system by leaving cash in our hands it just helps the transition make it a bit easier for those that are still only just waking up or not even woken up yet it’s a scary thing to have cash taken away in the current system we’re in at the minute because suddenly we don’t have that control of it um because when you look at sort of um where they have tried to launch cbdc’s already they try to launch in Nigeria and it just literally belly flops straight away they try to set a control limit of how much you could have per week I think it was some stupid like 44 a week or some crap like that when they need well over that per day in the current state system that we are in the minute we haven’t transitioned away from us yet we’re still in it So eventually we won’t need cash because that control and that corruption won’t be there um I mean most of our traction transactions we do anyway now are digital I don’t know about you but I barely ever carry cash with me at all it’s so much easier just to use your card and your phone um in fact there’s times I get caught out where I’ve got cash on me and I need cash um but we don’t need it but at the minute it’s going to help to keep it for the next five years while we transition across so this is kind of like the first stage of the transition that’s taking place right now you’re seeing the end of an old rigged corrupt system and a fair balanced transparent system coming um and that then gives us control back of our money our countries our livelihood and we begin to be able to live something which none of us have truly experienced yeah you’ll have those some that have made like a lot of money in businesses but there’s only a small percentage but most of us have not actually lived yet we have survived and we have worked most of our hours of our week and barely seeing our children so we are going to go through the transition into a new system helps speak to you soon like and follow for more and let’s share wake more people up take away the fear of what’s happening because there is still a lot of fear being put out there um it reminds me as well it’s like for years I never I stopped reading newspapers because all that was in newspapers was fear-based stuff and I never understood it um so that’s why I stayed away from it because there was no point in Reading fear-based information all the time so let’s take away the fear spread the Good Vibes maintain a high five high vibration and help those that are still stuck in a low vibration see the light and speak to you soon



そこでは各国が主権を取り戻し長年にわたって蓄積された 負債がすべて取り戻されます

消去され、はい、すぐに現金があり、はい、銀行もあるでしょう、私は住宅ローンについての話を聞くのを待っていたので、彼らは住宅ローンはまだ存在すると言っていますが、文字通り のようなものになる前からの手数料は一切ありません

管理手数料は 1 パーセントです。なぜなら、銀行にはいくらかのお金があるからです。明らかに、まだ銀行に使用する必要があるからです。しかし、銀行はもうそのすべてのお金を保持していません








戦争が存在する 唯一の理由がそれについて考える法律がどうして存在し得ないでしょうか





そして、私が言ったように、5年以内には これ以上現金は必要なくなります

現金は保管されているので、 私たちをコントロールし続けているので、CBDCが現金を出さない理由を考えてみると、現時点では彼らが完全なコントロールを望んでいたからですが、この移行期間ではこのすべてのコントロールが奪われ、私たちは次の段階に移行します。

もっと分散化 それが鍵だ それが私たちがいる時代の言葉私たちは分散化されつつある







そして 、私たちが最終的に現金が手に入ると言っている理由は、お金は自分たちの口座にあるからです。

私たちは文字通り現金を必要としないので削除されるべきですが、現金を手元に残しておくことで人々を新しいシステムに移行させるのに役立つ分、 まだ目覚めたばかりの人やまだ目覚めていない 人にとっては移行が少し簡単になるだけです

目が覚めても 、現時点で私たちがいる現在のシステムで現金が奪われるのは恐ろしいことです、 なぜなら突然私たちはそれを制御できなくなるからです、彼らが打ち上げようとした場所のようなものを見ると、 CBDCはすでにナイジェリアで立ち上げようとしているが、文字通りすぐに大失敗する



私たちは移行していないので、私たちはまだその中にいます だから、最終的には現金が必要なくなります、その管理と腐敗は存在しないからです


あなたのことは知りませんが、私は現金をほとんど持ち歩きません カードと携帯電話を使用するだけでとても簡単です

実際に私が受け取ることがあります現金をどこに持っているかがバレて、現金が必要なんですが、その必要はないのですが、現時点では、移行する間、次の5年間は現金を保持しておくと役立つ ので、これは最初のステップのようなものです




私たちは週に何時間も過ごしていて、子供たちとほとんど会っていないので、私たちは新しいシステムへの移行を経験するつもりです。すぐにあなたと話すのに役立ち ます。




新聞に載っているのは恐怖に基づくものばかりで、理解できなかったので、だから新聞から遠ざかっていたのです 恐怖に基づいた情報をずっと読んでいても意味がないから、広がっている恐怖を取り除きましょう