トランプ大統領が仕掛けた華麗な手法→トランプ大統領 アメリカを再び偉大にする声明 2022/12/19


トランプ大統領声明 アメリカを再び偉大にする 2022年12月19日


DECEMBER 19, 2022

Statement by Donald J. Trump (https://djt.nucleusemail.com/amplify/v/qwUhdGSM4v), 45th President of the United States of America

Over the past two years, Joe Biden has invited millions of illegal aliens to infiltrate our country in a gigantic unlawful invasion. Now, after announcing on April 1, 2022 that he would end my Title 42 protections at the border, and declining to appeal numerous court rulings, Biden is getting what he always wanted: the termination of the most effective border security policy in modern history.

By abolishing what remains of Title 42, Biden is willfully and deliberately triggering a cataclysm of illegal immigration like the world has never seen before.

The border nightmare is happening for a single reason: because illegal aliens know that if they break into our country unlawfully, Joe Biden will do everything possible to ensure that they are not removed, and are allowed to stay here indefinitely.

This is one reason why the renewed push to ram through a catastrophic amnesty is so hideously destructive. Any form of amnesty now would be a historic disaster. It would reward Joe Biden’s lawlessness, it would reward the criminal cartels, it would reward child traffickers, and it would reward everyone who has broken the laws of our nation. Additionally, it would result in massively more illegal aliens and drugs pouring into American communities.

While the amnesty push is temporarily on hold for the lame duck, history shows that the amnesty lobby will be back with a vengeance in the new year. Every Republican must understand that any so-called “immigration reform” that gives Biden more resources will simply translate to even more releases. Biden inherited a flawless deportation system and he turned it into a mass-release machine. The border can ONLY be secured by confronting Biden’s lawless and criminal misconduct—and stopping his illicit crusade to set loose millions of illegal aliens into the interior.

To this end, Congress must immediately take three crucial actions.

FIRST, Congress must pass a TOTAL and PERMANENT BAN on Joe Biden or any other president using taxpayer dollars to release illegal aliens into our country. The best place to do that is in a federal spending bill. That is why Republicans must do whatever it takes to prevent Mitch McConnell from passing his sellout Omnibus Bill.

Congress should also defund Joe Biden’s lawless ICE memorandum that gutted ICE and halted criminal enforcement.

SECOND, having established a federal prohibition on all releases of illegal aliens, Congress needs to make permanent ALL of my administration’s groundbreaking border security reforms that allowed us to achieve the most secure border in history and to rapidly deport anyone who trespassed across our border. My Title 42 policy must be legislatively restored and made permanent, making clear that it can be used in any circumstance the president deems necessary for border management. Likewise, Remain in Mexico, our Safe Third Country agreements, expedited removals, 212(f), and many other vital Trump policies must be enshrined in federal law.

This way, when I am president, and forever after, we will have every authority to secure the border—and when Open Borders radicals like Biden are in the White House, they will be prohibited by law from returning to catch-and-release.

THIRD, knowing just how willing Joe Biden and his deputies have been to violate and dismantle the laws of our nation, Congress must establish CRIMINAL PENALTIES for any senior official or political appointee who orders, aids, or abets the mass-release of illegal aliens into the United States. What these Open Borders extremists are doing to our country is criminal—and it should be punished as such.


トランプ – アメリカを再び偉大にする 2022年12月19日




















No one knows the day or the hour. It will happen when the time is right.


NEW!➡日曜日~月曜日頃、POTUS(トランプ大統領) はツイートします。

“My fellow Americans, the Storm is Upon us. “



  • ここオーストラリアでは、昨夜から静かにRVが始まっています
  • POTUSは、緊急放送システムで世界中のすべての人の電話とテレビに7つの大統領メッセージを送るとき、AF1に乗る可能性が最も高い.
  • そこから、米軍を介してすべてのグローバル ミリタリーが、すべてのメディア、インターネット、電話、およびすべてのテレビ番組をシャットダウンします (緊急サービスはまだあります)。
  • 米軍はビデオ自白、軍事法廷、およびストーム記事に記載されているスキャンダルの多くの証拠の 3X8 時間セッションの 10 日間を放送します。※日本は5日間くらいと予想
  • これが起こっている間、彼らは世界中の政府を排除し、世界的な逮捕(500,000件の起訴)を行う一方で、GESARA / NESARAが活性化され、惑星地球の完全な再配線が行われます。

The RV silently started last night here in Australia.
Around Sunday/Monday POTUS will Tweet, “My fellow Americans, the Storm is Upon us.” We will then go into full Martial Law.
We need 100% of people indoors to see what the US Military is going to broadcast on TV sets worldwide. It’s going to be painful, but we can no longer have people divided.
POTUS will most likely be on board AF1 when he sends out seven presidential Messages to everyone’s phones and TV sets worldwide on the Emergency Broadcast System.
From there all Global Militaries via the US Military, will shut down all Media, Internet, Phones and all TV Programming (Emergency Services will still have theirs).
The US Military will broadcast 10 days of 3X8 hour sessions of video confessions, Military Tribunals and lots of evidence for the scandals listed in the Storm Article.
While this is happening they will be removing governments worldwide and making global arrests (500,000 indictments), while GESARA/NESARA will be activated, which will be a full re-wiring of Planet Earth.

緊急警報システム The Emergency Alert System (EAS)


The Emergency Alert System (EAS) is a national public warning system commonly used by state and local authorities to deliver important emergency information, such as weather and AMBER alerts, to affected communities. EAS participants – radio and television broadcasters, cable systems, satellite radio and television providers, and wireline video providers – deliver local alerts on a voluntary basis, but they are required to provide the capability for the President to address the public during a national emergency.

The Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA), the FCC, and the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration’s National Weather Service (NWS) work collaboratively to maintain the EAS and Wireless Emergency Alerts, which are the two main components of the national public warning system and enable authorities at all levels of government to send urgent emergency information to the public.

FEMA is responsible for any national-level activation, tests, and exercises of the EAS.

The FCC’s role includes establishing technical standards for EAS participants, procedures for EAS participants to follow in the event the system is activated, and testing protocols for EAS participants.

Alerts are created by authorized federal, state, and local authorities. The FCC does not create or transmit EAS alerts.

The majority of EAS alerts originate from the National Weather Service in response to severe weather events, but an increasing number of state, local, territorial, and tribal authorities also send alerts. In addition, the NOAA Weather Radio All Hazards network, the only federally-sponsored radio transmission of warning information to the public, is part of the EAS.





アラートは、承認された連邦、州、および地方自治体によって作成されます。FCC は EAS アラートを作成または送信しません。


ゴーストタウン化したDCの今 いかにDSの闇が深かったのか

These are the 3 main drags in DC. Many of our Govt buildings, and all of the Museums reside on them. Prior to “C” these streets would be absolutely packed with cars, an insane amount of traffic, the sidewalks swarmed with people, and lines at the food trucks during lunch time. It was a hustle bustle district. I wouldn’t even come here, it was that chaotic. The plandemic is over, and yet this city is empty, most buildings, a ghost town. Where is everyone? If this Govt was up and running, like usual, it would not look this way. The swamp was very deep. Patriots are in complete control.







昨日(est 12月15日)のトランプ氏の重大発表は”一見、トランプトレーディングカード”の発表でした。しかし・・・そこから見えてきたものは何年も前からのQプランでした。そしてDSの眼を欺く方法で行われる必要がありました。



Today, POTUS45 announced his plan for a digital bill of rights.

In March 2018, Q said an Internet Bill of Rights (IBOR) to halt social media censorship was a top priority for President Trump.

Learn to play the game.





彼らが最高司令官の「発表」を共有しなかった場合、通信法に違反している可能性があります。 あくまでも私見ですが、これだから緊急放送も近い内にあるのではないでしょうか。 トランプがすることはすべてチェスの動きです。

彼らが米国東部標準時の午後 1 時に、トランプ氏が Bitchute と YouTube で彼の「言論の自由の発表」をリリースし、主流メディアが言論の自由をどのように抑圧したかについて話しました。この発表を公表しなければ、言論の自由に関する通信法に違反していると見なされる可能性があります。


トランプはこれらの考えていないマスメディアに彼の “重大発表 “に飛びつくように仕向け、彼らは皆、トランプのデジタルカードにトランプを揶揄するヒットピースを書き連ねた。




上記の記事にも書きましたが、このトレーディングカード発表についてMSMはニュース報道しました。【trump trading card】でネット検索すると多くのメディアが取り上げたことがわかります。

trump trading card - Google 検索



【trump regarding Free Speech】でネット検索するとこちらもいくつかのメディアが取り上げたことがわかります。

trump regarding Free Speech - Google 検索
Trump vows 'free speech' reform of government, universities, media, tech firms if elected in 2024
Donald Trump detailed an ambitious plan to undo what he called the suppression of free speech in the United States if he is elected president in 2024.
Trump vows to ban feds from ID-ing domestic ‘misinformation’ if elected
Trump, 76,made the pledge as part of a broader “free speech” platform announced in a video policy statement shared with The Post.
Trump hawks superhero trading cards as campaign lags
Trump teased the announcement with a post on his Truth Social platform depicting himself as a Superman-like character with lasers shooting from his eyes.
Trump unveils plans to take on tech companies if he wins in 2024 in appeal to conservative base | CNN Politics
Donald Trump vowed Thursday that if he is elected president again, he would ban federal money from being used to label speech as misinformation or disinformatio...

MSMの報道がない場合➡緊急放送へ 条件クリアなのか?


Dec 15: Original US Bill of Rights ratified
Dec 15: Trump announces plans for “Trump Cards” 33sec difference from Q#10, which literally outlines
broader connections involved w/ currently running
Dec 15: Trump announces plans for “Trump Cards”,
1700 days after a Qdrop stating
“Trump Card coming”
Dec 15: CIC Trump announces plan for “Digital”
(internet) Bill of Rights, an ide referenced multiple times by Q as a vital component of things moving

But nothing’s happening…



12月15日:トランプ氏、「トランプ・カード」の計画を発表 Q#10との差は33秒。
12月15日: CICトランプは “デジタル “の計画を発表した。


Restored Republic via a GCR as of December 16, 2022によると言論の自由に関する報道がなかったという事でしたが・・・正確な内容ではないのですが一応、報道はされたようです。

・・・・という事は緊急放送への流れは? あるいは他の手段から行くのか?





トランプの言論の自由に関する発表は、インターネットやメインストリーム ニュースのどこにもありませんでした。【trump regarding Free Speech】



この最も基本的な権利が消滅することを許せば、私たちの残りの権利はドミノのように 1 つずつ崩れていきます。


「ここ数週間、衝撃的な報道が、ディープ ステートの官僚、シリコン バレーの暴君、左翼活動家、堕落した企業ニュース メディアの不吉なグループが、アメリカ国民を操作し、沈黙させようと共謀していることを確認しました。彼らは協力して、選挙から公衆衛生まで、あらゆる重要な情報を隠蔽してきました。