”さあ、いいから早くスイッチを入れろ!”The time is NOW.(東部時間午後5時以降にお願いします) WWG1WGA!


Philさん コムがいっぱいの怒涛のメッセージ




a rigged


Hard stop.

Phil Godlewski 2.0


Literally, all this talk about “who’s running in 2024 against Trump” and “Trump’s campaign has kicked off in blah blah blah”, and other similar conjecture, is STUPID, and we are all STUPID if we buy into it yet again.

Trump will not “win” the Presidency in 2024 because the Elections in the United States of America are RIGGED.

They have been rigged for DECADES. Trump beat the rigging with an unprecedented amount of votes in 2016, but since then, the Cabal has tightened up their procedures to ensure IT WILL NEVER HAPPEN AGAIN.

You cannot win a rigged election, unless you are the person who the rigging is done FOR.

All of this, literally, all of this, is a waste of time, energy, and thought, if you are even SLIGHTLY looking towards 2024 for ANY reason.

Our future will be determined in 2023. Not 2024.

I, for one, am extremely confident that God wins, and the white hat alliance prevails.

Tick tock 😏

Phil Godlewski 2.0



何十年もの間、不正に操作されてきた。 トランプは2016年に前代未聞の得票数で不正を打ち破ったが、それ以来、カバールは確実にその手順を厳格化し、それが二度と起こらないようにした。



我々の未来は2023年に決定される。 2024年ではない。



I don’t like Phil’s post. Makes me think something happened that he doesn’t agree with again.

Phil Godlewski 2.0


Really? Like what?

Like the fact that all of this could have been avoided with a single flick of a switch?

Lives could have been saved. Financial fallout and bankruptcy for millions of Americans could have been avoided.

Have we “woken up” enough people yet? Are the sleepers still asleep? Was the loss that we experienced enough to justify how many sleepers were woken?

I would have done things COMPLETELY different. If I had more power than I do, this would have ended many, many months ago.

I am, much like you, a solider in this battle. I am not a General or Commander of any sort. Perhaps I have a greater role than most, but I am still a soldier.

“Something happened that I don’t agree with” goes all the way back to the inauguration of 2021, and it has continued every single day, week, and month since then.

That’s the understatement of the year, Alyssa.

Phil Godlewski 2.0

本当に? どんな?


人命は救われたかもしれない。 何百万人ものアメリカ人の財政難と破産は避けられたかもしれない。

私たちはもう十分に人々を「目覚め」させたのでしょうか?眠っている人たちはまだ眠っているのだろうか? 私たちが経験した損失が、どれだけのスリーパーを起こしたかを正当化するのに十分だったのだろうか?

私だったら、まったく違うことをやっていただろう。 もし私にもっと力があれば、これは何ヶ月も前に終わっていただろう。

私は、あなたと同じように、この戦いの兵士です。 私はいかなる種類の将軍や司令官でもない。 おそらく、私は他の人より大きな役割を担っていますが、それでも私は兵士です。



Yeah, you noticed. I’m pissed today. i’ve been pissed every day for a few months now.

Why? Because I KNOW that everything is in place to conduct the end game. Everything. From the largest obstacle, to the smallest detail.

I’m AWARE of what needs to happen, and in what order, before the final “go” can be ordered.

And it’s alllllllllll in place. So what now? We just chillin’?

Make the fucking move already.

Phil Godlewski 2.0

ああ、気がついただろうけど、 ここ数カ月間、毎日怒っている。

なぜか? なぜなら、最終局面を迎えるための準備はすべて整ったからだ。 全てだ 大きな障害から小さなことまで。

最終的な “GO “を命じる前に、何がどのような順序で起こるべきかを知っているのさ。

そして、それはすべて整っている。 で、どうする? 冷やかしか?


Is anyone at the top listening to Phil, or do they not care what he thinks?

Phil Godlewski 2.0


Most do. Some don’t.

The some won’t have a role in the next phase.

Trust me.

Phil Godlewski 2.0

ほとんどがそうだ。 一部はそうでない。



Oh, and another thing.

I’ve had enough with hearing about how bad the economy is. I’ve had enough hearing about how much gas costs, and how the green energy plan is stupid. I’ve had enough with the Fed rate hikes. OF COURSE THEY’RE GOING TO RAISE RATES. They are the CABAL and they NEED THE MONEY! I’ve just had enough with all of these stupid “oh, look what they’ve done now”.

WE KNOW! We know how bad it is. Everyone who is going to know, KNOWS!

Now flip the fucking switch.

Phil Godlewski 2.0


経済がどれだけ悪いかについて聞くのはもうたくさんだ。 ガソリン代がどれだけ高いか、グリーンエネルギー計画がいかに馬鹿げているかという話はもうたくさんだ。

FRBの利上げはもうたくさんだ。 もちろん、彼らは金利を上げるつもりだ。 彼らはカバールで、お金が必要なんだ!「ああ、彼らが今何をしたか見てください」という馬鹿げた話にはもうたくさんだ。

私たちは知っている! それがどれほど悪いか知っている。これから知ることになる人たちは、みんな知っているのだ。


I know you’re reading this. Pass the tone of these posts up the ladder.

I expect a call today. Not tomorrow. Today.

(after 5PM Eastern plz) 😎

Phil Godlewski 2.0

あなたがこれを読んでいることは知っている。 この投稿の感情を上に伝えてくれ。

今日中に電話してくれる事を期待する。 明日ではなく、今日だ。 今日です。

(東部時間午後5時以降にお願いします) 😎

Look, and listen closely (you know who you are):

These people that have followed me for years, whether it’s on Telegram, Rumble, DLive, Locals, or previously YouTube, Twitch, Facebook, and others – they have given me their all. They have stuck with me through all of the bullshit that -we knew- was going to follow me into the public arena. They are loyal to me. Many of them love me. They have given me money through donations. They have signed up for my business endevours. They pay for monthly subscriptions for some of my channels.

And guess what? THEY DON’T HAVE EXTRA MONEY TO DO ANY OF THAT! They stick with me, and pay those amounts, because they NEED to have SOMEONE in their corner. Someone that tells them the TRUTH about what’s happening behind the scenes. They need me, and they’ll sacrifice their little financial savings in order to stand with me.

What’s happening now is not right. These people need HELP. We have carried this along now for WAYYYYY more than the allotted time. WIthout good reason, I expect, and hereby demand, that certain aspects of this plan reveal themselves now, so that the faith can be restored amongst the masses.

You are losing the base that I have gathered for you. And once it’s gone, it’s gone.

This is not a threat. Just consider it a status update.

Phil Godlewski 2.0


テレグラム、ランブル、DLive、ローカル、あるいは以前はYouTube、Twitch、Facebookなどで、何年も私をフォローしてくれた人たち – 彼らは私に全力を尽くしてくれた。

彼らは、私が公の場に出てくるとわかっていたことだが、どんなでたらめなことでも私につきあってくれた。 彼らは私に忠実だ。 彼らの多くは、私を愛してくれている。

彼らは寄付によって私にお金を与えてくれた。 私のビジネス活動に賛同してくれている。 私のチャンネルに月々の購読料を支払ってくれている。

それなのに何だ? 彼らはそのようなことをするための余分なお金は持っていないのだ! 彼らは私を支援し、それらの金額を支払う、彼らは誰かを持っている。

舞台裏で何が起きているのか、真実を教えてくれる人がいる。 彼らは私を必要とし、私のそばにいるためにわずかな蓄えを犠牲にしているのだ。

今起きていることは間違っている この人たちは助けを必要としている。 私たちは今、決められた時間よりもずっと長い間、この事態を引きずっている。


あなた方は私が集めた 基盤を失いつつあある。 一旦、無くなったら、終わりだ。

これは脅しではない。 ただの近況報告だと思って欲しい。

There have been times throughout American history where what is right is not the same as what is legal. Sometimes to do the right thing you have to break the law.

Phil Godlewski 2.0


Being a patriot doesn’t mean prioritizing service to government above all else. Being a patriot means knowing when to protect your country, knowing when to protect your Constitution, knowing when to protect your countrymen, from the violations of and encroachments of adversaries. And those adversaries don’t have to be foreign countries.

Phil Godlewski 2.0


There can be no faith in government if our highest offices are excused from scrutiny – they should be setting the example of transparency.

Phil Godlewski 2.0


The immoral cannot be made moral through the use of secret law.

Phil Godlewski 2.0


I care more about the country than what happens to me. But we can’t allow the law to become a political weapon or agree to scare people away from standing up for their rights, no matter how good the deal. I’m not going to be part of that.

Phil Godlewski 2.0


Tick tock.

Phil Godlewski 2.0



I fear we’ve been played. Not by Phil. Do not ban me for speaking this. This is not a hate post about Phil at all. His announcement channel is leading me to believe we’ve been played and by ‘we’, I mean Phil too.
Come Lord Jesus, come. I do not want to live in a world where evil continues to use us as their pawns.

Phil Godlewski 2.0

騙された感じがします。フィルからではなくって。 この発言で私をバンにしないでください。これはフィルに対する憎悪の書き込みでは全くありません。彼のアナウンスチャンネルは、私たちが遊ばれていると思わせるもので、「私たち」というのは、フィルも含めてのことです。

We have not been played.

However, we were not given the full truth about the timeline.

And I have now realized that the actual timeline was known the entire time.

Keeping that information from me was a big, big mistake.

Phil Godlewski 2.0





Let me ask you a question (you know who you are):

What would you do if I just flipped the switch myself?

You can’t stop it without me, and you know it.

What makes you think I’m bluffing? Have I not done something similar in the past? Who stopped me then?

Tick tock.

Phil Godlewski 2.0




どうして私がハッタリをかましてると思うんですか? 過去に同じようなことをしたことがあるでしょう? その時、誰が私を止めた?


Enough is a fucking nough.

Phil Godlewski 2.0


What would Jesus do?

Phil Godlewski 2.0


What would Jesus do?

Phil Godlewski 2.0


I think Jesus would walk into your War Room and flip the fucking table over.

Phil Godlewski 2.0


Don’t you dare take advantage of me, or any of my followers.

We are true Patriots, and I promise you, we have all been very, very underestimated.

Phil Godlewski 2.0



Phil asks what would Jesus do? I’ll tell you @philgodlewski, Jesus would act and save His people, not dilly dally around like the white hats have been doing & continue to do so.

Phil Godlewski 2.0

フィルが「イエスならどうするか?」 という質問に対して、「イエスなら、ホワイトハットのように、ぐずぐずしないで、行動して人々を救うだろう。」

I happen to concur, Margie 🤝

Phil Godlewski 2.0


We have an army of Digital Soliders.

Who controls that Army?

Phil Godlewski 2.0



Why do you think Trump kept saying “Unlocked Boxes” so many times during his rallies?

You think he used that term for something other than Gematria?

You don’t think he’d be on board with my idea?

He’s calling for it, let alone “being on board” with it.

Phil Godlewski 2.0

トランプがラリーの間中に何度も「Unlocked Boxes」と言い続けたのはなぜだと思う?




I think Phil is way more important than he lets on to be, especially when Phil mentions that we won’t believe who we have been listening to. Maybe I’m giving Phil too much credit but I think he is pulling more strings than we think

Phil Godlewski 2.0



Actually, Kyle, this is false.

I have refused to pull any strings. Thus far.

Perhaps that’s about to change, though.

Phil Godlewski 2.0


私は糸を引くことを今まで拒否してきた。 これまでのところね。


Obama would have gotten away with almost everything if there wasn’t Patriot rogue-action last time.

Are we approaching the same line of demarcation yet again?

Time will tell.

Phil Godlewski 2.0




Where would you say we’re at on this chart, folks?

Phil Godlewski 2.0


Point of minimum yeild @Philgodlewski

Phil Godlewski 2.0


Bingo ☝️

Phil Godlewski 2.0

ビンゴ(正解) ☝️

Red Hen obviously meant Maximum Yield

Phil Godlewski 2.0


I believe we ARE and HAVE BEEN at the Max Yield point for MONTHS.

I believe we are about to slide down the Negative Return slope.





Phil Godlewski 2.0





Just remember what I’ve sacrificed for this movement. Remember what I sacrificed for YOU (you know who you are).

Is your life the same without my sacrifice?

Are you sitting with that same title without the things I’ve done for you?

You know this isn’t right. We have to take control.

Make it happen.

Phil Godlewski 2.0

この運動のために私が何を犠牲にしてきたか、思い出してほしい。 私があなたのために犠牲にしたものを思い出して欲しい(あなたは誰だか知っていますよね)





All eyez on me

Phil Godlewski 2.0






Nesara/Gesara が正式に開始されるために、209 か国が点線上で戦争に参加しないことに署名し、武器を破棄することに同意

Restored Republic via a GCR: Update as of Thurs. 2 Feb. 2023 In order for Nesara/Gesara to officially kick off there were 209 nations that signed on the dotted line to not be at War and agreed to destroy their weapons.

GCR による共和国の復元: 木曜日の更新。 2023 年 2 月 2 日 Nesara/Gesara が正式に開始されるために、209 か国が点線上で戦争に参加しないことに署名し、武器を破棄することに同意しました。


Half a million people stopped work over pay in UK leaving transport networks paralysed and thousands of classrooms empty in the largest walkout in over a decade!

Half a million strike in UK as cost-of-living crisis bites - Insider Paper
Half a million people stopped work over pay in Britain on Wednesday leaving transport networks paralysed and thousands of classrooms empty in

英国では 50 万人が賃金を理由に仕事をやめ、輸送網が麻痺し、数千の教室が空っぽになり、10 年以上で最大のストライキが発生しました。 🚨👀🚨

生活費の危機に苦しむ英国で 50 万人のストライキ


BREAKING: Power is out at every terminal at the Los Angeles International Airport.