3月20日~富の移転!!RV通貨交換開始 国際決済システム実装・イーサリアムアップグレード





RVとはRe-Valuation of the current currencies

Interesting timing on these stress tests for the banking system.

These stress tests come 2 to 3 weeks before a March upgrade in Ethereum and March 20th International Payment System implementation.

It sure would be nice to see a reset in the markets and the banks before we go International with our new Digital-Asset Payment Messaging System. 😉

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Fed releases 2023 stress test scenarios for banks, including extra new shock for big firms | Reuters

Fed releases 2023 stress test scenarios for banks, including extra new shock for big firms
The U.S. Federal Reserve on Thursday released the hypothetical economic strains they will use to test the strength of big bank finances in its 2023 stress test,...

銀行システムに対するこれらのストレス テストの興味深いタイミング


International payment systems and how they work
When making cross-border payments, there are 2 methods: SWIFT and IBAN. What is the difference between the two and do you know about the 3 payment options?

私たちが新しいデジタル資産支払いメッセージングシステムで国際化する前に、市場と銀行でリセットが見られるのは確かに素晴らしいことです 😉

連邦準備制度理事会、銀行向けの 2023 年のストレス テスト シナリオを発表:ロイター

イーサリアムイーサリアムは、暗号通貨Ether (ETH) 、何千もの分散型アプリを可能にするコミュニティにより運用されているテクノロジーです。

ホーム | ethereum.org
イーサリアムは、お金と新しい種類のアプリケーションのためのグローバルな分散型プラットフォームです。 イーサリアムでは、お金を制御するコードを書くことができ、世界中のどこにいてもアクセス可能なアプリケーションを構築できます。

RV 準備が着々と


Direct translation:
Central Bank of Iraq
February 10, 2023

His Excellency the governor of the Central Bank of Iraq, Mr. Ali Mohsen Ismail, met with the executive director of the International Monetary Fund, Dr. Mahmoud Mohieddin, on the sidelines of his visit to the US capital Washington.
During the meeting, they discussed aspects of bilateral cooperation in the interest of the Iraqi economy and monetary policy, as well as ways to develop the Iraqi banking sector.
For his part, the governor said that the Central Bank of Iraq has taken a package of measures to reform the Iraqi banking sector and develop its work in line with international standards, which will reflect positively on Iraq’s international trade and the national economy.
He added that the central bank continues its measures in the fight against money laundering and terrorist financing, by taking a set of decisions that support those measures, which reflected positively on Iraq’s ratings in this area.
In turn, the executive director of the International Monetary Fund, D. Mahmoud Mohieddin said that the International Monetary Fund continues to provide technical support to the Central Bank of Iraq in various fields.
It is noteworthy that His Excellency the governor of the central bank is currently visiting Washington with an official government delegation in order to start official talks with the US Federal Bank.

Central Bank of Iraq
Media office

2023 年 2 月 10 日





次に、国際通貨基金の事務局長である D. マフムード モヒエディン氏は、国際通貨基金はさまざまな分野でイラク中央銀行に技術支援を提供し続けていると述べました。





Economic experts expressed their support and optimism for the procedures of the competent authorities in the areas of combating money laundering and preventing the financing of terrorism, describing these measures as “good” and in line with international conditions, considering that on the basis of that, the name of Iraq was removed from the “most dangerous countries” area and moved from the gray area to white.

The Advisor to the Prime Minister for Financial Affairs, Mazhar Muhammad Salih, said in an interview with “Al-Sabah”: “Iraq has come a long way in combating the financing of terrorism and money laundering.

He added, “The procedures practiced by Iraq in combating money laundering are good, although the conditions of trade in Iraq in the last 20 years took place through irregular financing in most of its paragraphs, and this raised the ire of international prospects, especially the prospects for compliance with the conditions of global institutions.

(What is this telling us? I don’t know about you but this is fantastic news. Did you read the last paragraph? I quote – “this raised the ire of international prospects, especially the prospects for compliance with the conditions of global institutions.”

So, now that they just told us the level of corruption is acceptable, if any, and that they are in compliance with all international standards in this regard, when will they reinstate the dinar? We know that the corruption was given to us as the main reason for remaining on the program rate. So what next? I am telling you get ready….it is not long before IQD is back on FOREX and trading…..then we go to the bank. 😊)






これは私たちに何を語っているのですか?あなたのことはわかりませんが、これは素晴らしいニュースです。最後の段落を読みましたか?私は引用します。 」




IQD が FOREX と取引に戻るまでそう長くはかかりません

それから私たちは銀行に行きます。 😊


➠Intel information on GCR/RV

This is Intel information from a US military source pointing us the way to GCR/RV!

July 19, 2019, three years ago, is the day that an agreement was reached between Iraq and the Nasdaq market and the official contract for Iraq to enter the Nasdaq market! Three and a half years have passed since then, and all the preparations were completed on January 31, 2023!

And on Friday, February 3, the Iraqi Denar traded for the first time on Nasdaq! However, it is not shown on Forex yet! The Iraqi Denar will soon take center stage on Forex! I hope everyone involved is looking forward to it!

And finally, the Iraqi dinar that was valued at RV D, that is, revalued, will be released from the yoke of the past and the Iraqi dinar will return to the Nasdaq market! And that day is coming! During this time, to carry out the GCR/RV, we have been taking this step smoothly, devoting a lot of energy and time, especially behind the scenes!

It was promoted as the lynchpin of the US military of the new Trump regime and became a great project that shines in history!

Then Intel information was brought in from the field in Iraq!

The Iraqi currency, the denar, has long been oppressed by the Bush family and the DS to their heart’s content! This is information from Intel from Baghdad, Iraq, saying that we will finally be freed from this pain and fear and return to the international foreign exchange market! Furthermore, the DS in Iraq and the members of the DS of the International Monetary Fund of the IMF have given up resistance!

And they were exterminated by special forces! I confirmed this fact last Friday, February 3, which is Setsubun Day in Japan! And yesterday, February 6, Japan time, I was able to confirm again! Local Intel information like this is coming! And after this local confirmation, it will be a proof that the Iraqi Denar will soon appear on Forex!

By the way, on the night of Thursday, February 2, the market price was $3.93 per denar! This comes as information from Intel! If you simply convert it to Japanese yen, today’s exchange rate is 132 yen to the dollar, 132 yen x 1 denar, 3.93 dollars x 132 yen = 518.76 sen, 25,000 denars!

If you convert this to Japanese Yen, 1 denar is 518.76 sen! So these 518.76 x 25,000 denars, how much is a bill worth? The price is 12,969,000 yen, which means 25,000 denars. During the night, a ticket is 1,300 yen!

This is the greatness of VRV, it becomes the VR bubble and the wings have risen about 260 times! So the billionaire GCR/RV is expected to be the talk of the town for now! Also, if the Indonesian rupiah, Vietnamese dong, etc. are opened later in Forex, a similar situation will be created!

That was Intel information from a US military source that pointed us the way to GCR.RV!

Guilherme Redenção


これは、GCR/RVへの道を示している米軍筋からの Intel 情報です!

3 年前の2019年7月19日はイラクとナスダック市場との間で合意に達し、イラクがナスダック市場に参入するという正式な契約が結ばれた日です。あれから3年半が経ち、2023年1月31日に全ての準備が整いました!

そして2月3日金曜日、イラク・ディナールがナスダックで初めて取引されました!ただし、Forex ではまだ表示されていません。イラク・ディナールはすぐに Forex の主役になります!関係者の皆様、お楽しみに!

そして最後にRV Dで評価された、つまり再評価されたイラク ディナールが過去のくびきから解放され、イラク ディナールがナスダック市場に戻ることになります。

そして、その日が来る!この間、GCR/RV を実行するために、特に舞台裏で多くのエネルギーと時間を費やして、このステップをスムーズに進めてきました。




さらに、イラクのDS とIMFの国際通貨基金のDSのメンバーは抵抗を断念しました。




ちなみに、2月2日木曜日の夜、市場価格は 1 デナールあたり 3.93ドルでした。インテルからの情報です!単純に日本円に換算すると、今日の為替レートは 1 ドル 132 円、132 円 x 1 デナール、3.93 ドル x 132 円 = 518.76 セン、25,000 デナールです。

これを日本円に換算すると、1デナールは518.76セン!では、これらの 518.76 x 25,000 デナールは、請求書の価値はいくらですか?価格は12,969,000円、つまり25,000デナール。夜は1,300円!

これがVRVのすごさ、VRバブルになって羽ばたき約260倍!したがって、億万長者の GCR/RV は、今のところ話題になると予想されます。また、後からForexでインドネシアルピアやベトナムドンなどが開かれると、同様の事態が発生します!

これは、GCR.RV への道を示した、米軍筋からの Intel 情報でした。


U.S. Treasury Shows Full Support for Sudanese Government Efforts on Economic Reform

The Central Bank of Iraq met with the US Federal Reserve Bank and the US Treasury, while the US Treasury expressed full support for the efforts of the government of Prime Minister Mohammed Shiaa Al-Sudani in economic reform and its readiness to provide the required support.A statement by the Central Bank of Iraq said, “The delegation of the Central Bank of Iraq met on Friday for long hours with the delegation of the US Federal Reserve Bank and the US Treasury in Washington, D.C., and the two parties expressed their readiness to work together to meet the challenges of working on the electronic platform for remittances and cash.”

U.S. Treasury Shows Full Support for Sudanese Government Efforts on Economic Reform
Essat – 11-02-2023 07:36 PM – Number of readings: 2630 The Central Bank of Iraq met with the US Federal Reserve Bank and the US Treasury, while the US Treasury ...










Breaking News!

Charlie Ward said on his Insiders Club this morning that Texas has applied to join BRICS!

Breaking News!

Charlie Ward zei vanmorgen op zijn Insiders Club dat Texas zich kandidaat heeft gesteld voor BRICS!







Hey guys!! Wanted to give yall a heads up! Went to the bank to pull out 2.5 k from saving to be ready for the crash. The teller said this week they lowered the max daily withdrawal to 2k and lowered max withdrawal for the week from 10k down to 4k!! I live in Central Texas….it was a credit union….it is coming!!!

やあ、みんな! 皆さんにお知らせです。 暴落に備え、貯蓄から250万円を引き出そうと銀行へ行った。 窓口によると、今週は1日の最大引き出し額を200万円に、1週間の最大引き出し額を1000万円から400万円に引き下げたそうです! 私はセントラルテキサス在住です…クレジットユニオンでした…それは来る!!!