so I know everybody’s curious about uh the message I put up last night canceling the live stream um then referring to some

Florida residents uh I could only say so much but what I could say is it’s probably what you think

and I could also say that it was essentially a bit debriefing uh uh only two other people were on the lineplus me so three people total umit was kind ofmore or less an update on

what I know what I don’t knowand some instructions on where to go from here as toI’m currently being treated asa mouthpiece for the movement

which is what I I guess I always have been for for years now um but there’s times when things are going so quickly

or there’s other times of course when things are going very slowly which we’re all aware of uh but when things are going so quickly sometimes it gets lost as to who’s supposed to be doing what and who isn’t doing

what they’re supposed to be doing I’m trying to be very very vague here I’m sure you see that uh

it was intimidating it was an intimidating uh I don’t get intimidated I was intimidated you know

everyone right now everyone right now should feel very comfortable looseand umjust take comfort in the fact that we’re all in very good hands we have been in good hands for a while now um but last night really made meexcited really about what’s to come next uh I have my instructions I have my itinerary I have my I know where we go from here I know what to do I know what to do with my following I know what to do with mylive streams I know what to do with my Intel reporting I know a couple places now that I’ve overstepped my boundaries uh not really intentionally but overstepped nonetheless not many but uh I was reminded who’s in control last night and it most certainly isn’t me however I’ve been entrusted with a lot of information and um I just really can’t say a whole lot trying to put together the words

but I think it’s best that I probably uh not say too much more so it was a it was a debriefing a very interesting intimidating once in a lifetime probably it’s a briefing

I’ll say this in in conclusion because I really am struggling to speak uh to actually put any kind of words together other than what I have which is not much admittedly uh

I will say that if you’re watching this video that you’re definitely in the right place for what comes next sit tight relax and just uh just wait I know we’ve been waiting so it’s nothing new but if you’re on this channel and you see this message

you’re exactly where you need to be and you should feel confident in the fact thatwhat’s discussed or what’s said on this channel and on my future live streams will be exactly what you need to know for the Final Phase love you guys

Phil Godlewski 3.0



それからフロリダの住民に言及する 私が言えることはそれだけでしたが、私が言えることは、それはおそらくあなたが考えていることであり、私はそれが基本的にはちょっとしたデブリーフィングでした。



私は現在ムーブメントのマウスピース として扱われていますが、これは私が何年も前からそうであったと思いますが、物事が非常に速く進んでいる場合もあれば




私はここで非常に曖昧にしようとしています.私はあなたがそれが威圧的だったことをあなたが知っていると確信しています威圧的 ええと、私は威圧されません 威圧されました 今、誰もが知っている ことを知っています 。

今、誰もが非常に快適にリラックスしているはずです そしてええと、



次に何が起こるかについて本当に興奮し ました。



ライブストリーム をどうするかインテルのレポートをどうするかはわかっています 境界を越えた場所がいくつかあります 意図的ではありませんが、踏み越えました

それでも多くは ありませんが、昨夜、誰が主導権を握っているのかを思い出しました

確かに私ではありませんが 、私は多くの情報を任されており、言葉をまとめようとして多くを語ることはできません、 おそらく あまり多くを語らない方がよいと思います。









“Debriefing” occurs at the end of a mission.

One mission concludes, and another begins.

This is the exact case for my involvement in our movement.

Phil Godlewski 3.0


1 つのミッションが終了し、別のミッションが始まります。


I stepped out of line a couple times, on a micro-level.

But yes, course correction was applied, and my intel flow will proceed as normal.

Heightened, actually.

Phil Godlewski 3.0


しかし、はい、コース修正が適用されました。私のインテル フローは通常どおり進行します。


To quiet the rumors

Yes, my special guest on last night’s Live was to be Brad Barton, in an attempt to “re-introduce” him to our ever-growing movement.

Many of the new “awake” audience do not remember Brad. I thought my show would have been a great platform to offer him up to my followers.

Brad is a man of faith. He’s an honest man, and he’s a family man. Brad strongly believes in our cause, and has total faith in what we all stand for.

Sometime this week, Brad and I will reschedule the co-Live, and I will give everyone links to his channels (for those that do not have them).

As I’ve always said in the past, us “Truthers” need to stick together, and not constantly be trying to 1-up each other. The relationship that Brad and I have developed over the past 2+ years is a strong example of exactly that.

I look forward to Brad’s return, and our collaboration in the future 🤝

Phil Godlewski 3.0


はい、昨夜のライブのスペシャル ゲストはブラッド バートンでした。



今週のどこかで、Brad と私は co-Live のスケジュールを変更し、全員に彼のチャンネルへのリンクを提供します (リンクを持っていない人のために)。

私が過去にいつも言ってきたように、私たち「Truthers」は団結する必要があり、常にお互いに 1 を上げようとする必要はありません。ブラッドと私が過去 2 年以上にわたって築いてきた関係は、まさにその好例です。

ブラッドの復帰と、今後のコラボレーションを楽しみにしています 🤝