ISO 20022新たな夜明け/CNNがバイデン犯罪を認めた!/日本は最初に下落する通貨になるでしょう



Fake News CNN just shocked their viewers today! 🔥🔥🔥🔥😂👍
They admitted to Biden Crime!

CNN anchor Erin Burnett has admitted evidence that members of President Biden’s family received over $1million from various accounts linked to son Hunter’s Chinese business associates ‘doesn’t look good’ for the First family. 

During a recent episode of CNN’s ‘Erin Burnett OutFront,’ the host touched on the subpoenaed financial records, which were obtained by the House Oversight Committee.

The records show that money from the president’s troubled son was funneled to several members of the Biden clan including James Biden, and Beau Biden’s widow Hallie Biden.

CNN anchor: Biden family's mil in Chinese cash doesn't 'look good'
CNN anchor Erin Burnett admitted members of the Biden family receiving over one million dollars from various accounts linked to Hunter Biden's Chinese business ...
CNN’s Burnett admits that evidence of Chinese funneling money into Bidens’ pockets ‘doesn’t look good’ | Fox News Video
CNN anchor Erin Burnett admitted that the revelations that members of the Biden family received over a million dollars from accounts linked to Hunter Biden’s Ch...
American Patriot

フェイク ニュース CNN は、今日、視聴者に衝撃を与えました! 🔥🔥🔥🔥😂👍





シナリオ通りに北朝鮮は動いている アジアも準備ができている

nuclear attack

The Chosen Ones



Iran/Saudi Arabia

The Chosen Ones



Read the comments, as many are receiving notifications from their banks about the new system.

Graham Hodsdon on TikTok



grahamhodsdon グラハム・ホズドン

Logic: Tomorrow is zero day for ISO20022 implementation in the US for the Cabal banking system. Banks that do not have the asset back reserves will FALL. Big bank’s buying up smaller ones will need to cover those assets also. Looking for a domino effect starting tomorrow. The market will start to tumble BIGLY when this initiates.

ロジック: 明日は、カバール銀行システムの米国での ISO20022 実装のゼロデイです。



Tomorrow is a very exciting day for all of us. We begin our journey into the digital asset-based trading ecosystem through ISO 20022.

The final phase of development in the QFS will be a determination made between stablecoins and digital tokens.

Stablecoins are backed by commodities with a fixed rate of a commodity value placed on them.

Digital Tokens are value derived by the amount of money held in a customer’s digital wallet.

The banking system believes that a more stable rate can be placed on digital tokens versus stablecoins.

Both tokens represent stability and security for the holder of them. The commodity system that backs both of these assets is held in the custody of financial institutions who mint them.

When all of the dust is settled on the coming transformation of our markets currently being tokenized, we will then be able to place tangible monetary values on the currency / digital currency sector of the market to support them.

Legislation on our monetary reforms will be formulating and becoming visible this month. As Congress votes on this final process and development of the QFS, we will get a clearer picture as to when and how our currency revaluations will take place around the world.

Swiss Banks Agree With JPMorgan: Deposit Tokens Are a Way Into DeFi
The alternative to private stablecoins — proposed to be built on public blockchain — are more likely to gain broad acceptance, the Swiss Bankers Association arg...
Swiss Bankers Association Propose The Adoption Of Deposit Token
The Concept Of A Deposit Token Isn’t New, As Singapore Already Paved The Way With Its Project Guardian
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明日は私たち全員にとって非常にエキサイティングな日です。 ISO 20022を通じて、デジタル資産ベースの取引エコシステムへの旅を始めます。

QFS における開発の最終段階は、ステーブルコインとデジタル トークンの間で行われる決定です。


デジタル トークンは、顧客のデジタル ウォレットに保持されている金額によって得られる価値です。




私たちの金融改革に関する法律が今月策定され、目に見える形になるでしょう。議会がこの最終プロセスと QFS の開発について投票するにつれて、世界中で通貨の再評価がいつ、どのように行われるかについて、より明確な全体像が得られるでしょう。

22 TRILLY in BANK DEBT WORLDWIDE — many are having problems pulling even $2000 in cash from their bank accounts. Asking for $20k or more can take weeks to order.

ISO20022 goes LIVE today 3/20/2023. The banking Ponzi scheme is coming to an END — publicly. The game system built on LIES & fake money has been going on for so long that NO ONE truly knows how much each country really has — thus the REVALUATION must be done — to be shown publicly.

The Vatican RAIDS, House of Saudi, UK Lizard Royals & City ofLondon, Rothchilds, Rockefellers, Central Banks, Federal Reserve — ALL have been taken down — from the TOP DOWN. [DS] banking minions have been getting arrested by the tens of thousands for the last 3 years.

[DS] CBDC agenda is being forced to roll out — prematurely, very understaffed & by workers more stressed & tired than Chinese factory slave workers.

[DS] minion execs still hold power & stash money in global corps, funds ^ trust — but pockets stashes are being burned up fast. Digital assets are being frozen. Trump’s EO’s — Assets SEIZED.

Big banks take Little banks — lots of shifting & repositioning. Moves & Counter moves. Nothing will stop the global financial implosion. The BUCK STOPS HERE.

Draining the Swamp is draining their fake money & the ability to COVER UP — election fraud, money laundering ops in Ex-Khazarian Ukraine, pushing fake wars, CONvid Scandemic, 3-Letter Agency CRIMES, etc.

The BIS & the Swiss central bank gold vaults are empty — no explanation has been given as to where the gold went. Many more country will report their GOLD is missing.

As of right now, GOLD is the only TRUE CURRENCY of the world. Another $100 BILLION fake U.S. dollars to Ukraine — can only be used at U.S. & EU corporations like Amazon. They cannot buy anything else from anyone else.

The new US Treasury Notes are coming — GOLD/ASSET-Backed Currency & it’s NOT issued by the old defunct U.S. Corp.

Cosmic Light Force

22 TRILLY in BANK DEBT WORLDWIDE — 多くの人が、銀行口座から 2000 ドルの現金を引き出せなくても問題を抱えています。 20,000 ドル以上を要求すると、注文に数週間かかる場合があります。

ISO20022 は本日 2023 年 3 月 20 日に有効になります。銀行のポンジースキームは終わりに近づいています。




[DS] 過去 3 年間で何万人もの銀行の手先が逮捕されています。

[DS] CBDC アジェンダは展開を余儀なくされています — 時期尚早で、非常に人手不足で、労働者は中国の工場の奴隷労働者よりもストレスと疲労を感じています。

[DS] ミニオンの重役は依然として権力を握っており、世界の軍団、資金の信頼にお金を隠していますが、ポケットの隠し場所は急速に燃え尽きています。デジタル資産は凍結されています。トランプの大統領令 — 押収された資産。




BIS とスイス中央銀行の金保管庫は空です。金がどこに行ったかについての説明はありません。さらに多くの国が、GOLD が見つからないと報告するでしょう。

現在、GOLD は世界で唯一の真の通貨です

ウクライナへの別の 1000 億ドルの偽造米ドル — アマゾンのような米国および EU の企業でのみ使用できます。彼らは他の誰からも何も買うことができません。

新しい米国財務省証券が発行されます — GOLD/ASSET-backed Currency であり、旧社債によって発行されたものではありません。

The Migration of ISO20022 has gone smoothly in Europe. It looks like the International Payment System that unifies all of the payment systems from around the world is connecting the world as we speak to each other.

Remember, Europe is the Nation that has more payment connections than anywhere else in the world. It was the nation we had trouble with last November that kept us from moving forward at that time.

Here are a few comments of what is taking place so far today:

“Europe’s T2 and Australia’s HVPS have migrated to #ISO20022. @swiftcommunity (start of the CBPR+ coexistence phase) and @PaymentsCanada (Lynx) have not yet announced whether the transition from MT to MX messages has been successful.”

“Robert Magee, Director of the ISO 20022 Program @AusPayNet: ‘Congratulations to our 50 Participants in the Australian High Value Clearing System on successfully going live with #ISO20022 today. Even though we didn’t get to go live last November, all of our Participants were fully tested, certified and read to go on time. A rare feat, considering that this type of large-scale whole-of-industry initiative is notoriously difficult to deliver successfully.’ (Source: LinkedIn)”

@ Goldilocks




「ヨーロッパの T2 とオーストラリアの HVPS はISO20022に移行しました。 」

ISO 20022 プログラムのディレクター、Robert Magee は次のように述べています。

「本日、 #ISO20022の稼働に成功したオーストラリアの高価値清算システムの 50 人の参加者にお祝いを申し上げます。昨年 11 月には稼働できませんでしたが、 私たちの参加者は、完全にテストされ、認定され、時間通りに読むことができました.この種の大規模な業界全体のイニシアチブを成功させるのは難しいことで知られていることを考えると、まれな偉業です.」 (出典:LinkedIn)」

ISO 20022:支払いの新たな夜明け

“On Monday, 20 March 2023, more than 11,000 institutions in over 200 countries and territories, their vendors and technology teams, and many domestic payments platforms will start their migration to ISO 20022 for payments and related messaging.”

This is one of the largest migrations ever taken by a financial institution in the history of our world.

It is a life-changing event that will affect every person around the world.

I want to personally thank each person who has followed me since early last year on this journey to learn about this new digital banking system, but our work is not over just yet.

Once we have this payment system in place that will unify various Payment Systems from all over the world, we can then formulate prices on the digital currency values and currency values going forward.

It is an exciting time for all of us.

© Goldilocks

ISO 20022: A new dawn for payments | Australian Payments Network

「2023 年 3 月 20 日月曜日、200 を超える国と地域の 11,000 を超える機関、そのベンダーと技術チーム、および多くの国内決済プラットフォームが、決済と関連するメッセージングのために ISO 20022 への移行を開始します。」

これは、世界の歴史の中で金融機関がこれまでに行った最大の移行の 1 つです。


昨年初めから、この新しいデジタル バンキング システムについて学ぶために私をフォローしてくれたすべての人に個人的に感謝したいと思いますが、私たちの仕事はまだ終わっていません。





JUST IN: Several major banks announce coordinated action to increase US dollar liquidity provision in the global market through swap lines:

🇺🇸 US Federal Reserve
🇨🇦 Bank of Canada
🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿 Bank of England
🇯🇵 Bank of Japan
🇨🇭 Swiss National Bank
🇪🇺 European Central Bank

Watcher Guru


🇺🇸 米国連邦準備制度
🇯🇵 日本銀行
🇨🇭 スイス国立銀行
🇪🇺 欧州中央銀行








Credit Suisse Continues Sinking as Big Rats Banks Abandon Ship

After a $50 billion liquidity injection from the Swiss National Bank, CS shares continue to slide and major global banks begin to isolate themselves from exposure.

The ECB (European Central Bank) must Bail CS out or all heck will break loose in the Euro Zone financial sector.

Meanwhile, gold is on a tear upwards in value. Central Banks are on the ropes and can only delay a collapse, but not stop it.

If Credit Suisse goes into that proverbial “good night” it will trigger the next chain of events in Our GCR landscape. The stage will be set for a US Dollar liquidity crisis in the offshore EuroDollar market which will pressure weak global currencies.

Japan will be the first currency to fall. ☘️☘️☘️


GCR Real-Time News


スイス国立銀行からの 500 億ドルの流動性注入の後、CS 株は引き続き下落し、主要なグローバル銀行はエクスポージャーから自らを隔離し始めています。

ECB (欧州中央銀行) は CS を救済しなければなりません。


Credit Suisse がそのことわざにある「おやすみなさい」に入ると、GCR の状況で次の一連のイベントがトリガーされます。オフショアのユーロドル市場で米ドルの流動性危機の舞台が整い、弱気な世界通貨に圧力をかけることになります。


UBS クレディ・スイスを約4300億円で買収へ-歴史的銀行統合




スイス政府は、UBS によるクレディ スイスの買収を認め、「世界的に組織的に重要な銀行の倒産は、取り返しのつかない経済的混乱を引き起こしただろう」と述べています。

UBS がクレディ スイスを 30 億スイス フランの株式で買収 – 政府は起こり得る損失に対して 90 億スイス フランの保証を提供します – スイス中央銀行が 1,000 億 CHF の流動性保証を提供 – 連邦評議会は非常事態法に基づいて運営されています



ゲームオーバー 最高裁判所は・・・


NEW!!イラクから素晴らしいニュース!! 必見動画


Great news from Iraq!!! 2023 03 21

NEW!!【必見!】イラクの素晴らしいニュース!! 2023 03 21


Well, ISO20022 is going live in Australia. Can’t wait to see what this brings for my country


さて、ISO20022 がオーストラリアで稼働します。これが私の国に何をもたらすのか楽しみです

Hearing a lot of good news coming through. We are definitely close guys. I’m going to be practicing my opera today 😮😮



central bank





1.議会が次の3年間の予算を承認⇦OK 2023.3.13

2.CBI によって予算のレートが発表される

3.それが FOREX に送られる


そして3月23日はラマダンが始まる為、その前の20日、21日、22日の3日間で全てが完了する必要があります。もちろん3月20日のISO 20022 が有効化は絶対に。



イラク政府は 3 年間の予算法案の成立を発表

The House of Representatives announces its receipt of the draft budget law
Political| 12:17 – 17/03/2023 Baghdad – Mawazine NewsDeputy Speaker of the Iraqi Council of Representatives Shakhwan Abdullah

政治| 12:17 – 17/03/2023 バグダッド – マワジン ニュースイラク代表評議会副議長 Shakhwan Abdullah





Xi Jinping today, ahead of his Moscow visit with Putin:
“The world today is going through profound changes unseen in a century. The historical trend of peace, development and win-win cooperation is unstoppable. The prevailing trends of world multipolarity, economic globalization and greater democracy in international relations are irreversible”


「今日の世界は、過去 1 世紀に見られなかった深刻な変化を遂げています。平和、開発、ウィンウィンの協力という歴史的な傾向は止めることはできません。世界の多極化、経済のグローバル化、国際関係におけるより大きな民主主義という一般的な傾向は、後戻りできません。」